Here’s How to Recycle Your Old Content For Better Ranking

content for seo ranking

How Old Content Can Stimulate Your SEO

Regularly creating and posting content is a great way to build an SEO presence for your company. However, new content creation doesn’t represent the only way to help you improve your SEO ranking. You can also repurpose old content for SEO ranking in a way that doesn’t put you at risk for duplicate content penalties or content fatigue.

Many beginning marketers worry about the shelf life of their average blog post. This may only last a week. At best, a blog post only remains fresh throughout the month under most circumstances. Unfortunately, SEO changes regularly, and something you wrote a month ago might not remain relevant now.

What happens to this old content? It simply sits on your blog page, virtually indivisible to numerous potential viewers. Luckily, our team at GOA-TECH knows about a better way!

Give That Old Blog Post a Fresh Coat of Paint

Companies commonly think that old content is specifically reserved for a one-way ticket to the trash. However, with a little bit of work, you can remodel and restore your old content into something useful once again.

Some content may not even require a rewrite to refresh it for relevancy. Despite writing the blog some time ago, the advice and information within may remain relevant. These types of posts represent the ideal material for updating.

Some content that you produce won’t wield an expiration date at all. If you create quality content for SEO ranking that remains relevant today, why can’t you just promote it again? Share it on social media or through an email marketing initiative.

Nonetheless, it is essential that you remain honest and translucent with your readers. Don’t just pretend that the content is new. Make sure that the piece is still factually accurate, and check that all the hyperlinks still work.

Also, take some time from when you first published the post originally before promoting it once again. GOA-TECH experts recommend waiting at least a year before revitalizing the content.

You could also convert old content into something entirely new. If you spent time and effort to create something, you can always use the information from this original piece and transform it into an eye-catching infographic or another series of blog posts.

By changing the blog post format, you may find new appeal to a different type of viewer. It may even find a different position in your marketing funnel while undergoing the update.

Generate Newer Conversions with Your Best-Performing Content

Taken a look at what content on your site performs the best? How about how well recent content is doing? You can use this content to generate more leads while not losing out on your existing traffic.

As you look through your best-performing pages, you may also discover some content that doesn’t perform quite as well as you’d hoped. It may get some clicks here and there, but naturally, you always want more.

Save these URLs to explore what you can do to improve their performance, and focus on referral traffic. This might involve focusing on different keywords or phrases, possibly even rewriting or repurposing the content as something entirely different.

Optimizing Old Content for SEO Ranking with GOa-TECH

GOA-TECH is the ideal resource to help you get the most out of your old content. Don’t simply chuck these old pieces in the trash. Instead, aim for the green bin and prep this old content for recycling. Our team is a comprehensive web design, IT, advertising, and digital marketing company that wants to assist you with taking your company to the next level.

To learn more about content for SEO ranking, contact our professional team today!

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