These 5 SEO Trends Will Help You Rank #1 on Google

Own 2019 by Engaging with These SEO Trends

SEO trends in 2019We’re halfway through 2019, and it’s a bit late to apply a “wait and see” method for the latest SEO trends. The time is NOW to consider the digital marketing ecosystem this year, and how it’s affecting your business.

The digital marketing space in our modern era is consistently transforming, perpetually revamped with new social media aspects, in addition to SEO methods, and content marketing updates.

With so much to consider, how can your business possibly keep up with all the transformations with SEO trends in 2019? Not to worry, GOA-TECH is here to help with some of our recommendations to help you prepare an online blueprint. Make the rest of this year great with these SEO trends in 2019 for your business.

The Voice Search Takeover

Although not fully established just yet, there is still plenty of time for this first SEO trend to take hold as users migrate away from typing their search queries into an address bar to the modern and convenient voice search method.

Voice search is very quickly becoming the order of the day, offering a significant challenge to SEO experts. Don’t let your business fall behind. Ensure your SEO thinks, as well as speaks the language of your evolving online audience with voice search strings that match your already existing traditional query library.

Marketing in (Video) Motion

If you want to really talk SEO trends in 2019, take a look at any modern marketing or social media platform. Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter have long provided video as the chosen medium for content, in addition to content advertising. With the addition of Instagram Stories to the arena, video content simply isn’t going away any time soon.

Video continues to increase in popularity with innovative advertisers as well as users, seemingly taking over the internet in the process. As a result, this makes video content a rich source for customer traffic when deployed properly.

Get with the times, or get obliterated by the competition. Optimize your videos for carefully chosen keywords. Anything else is simply unacceptable as we move towards the next decade.

Computer? What’s a Computer?

Fast-forward a few years into the future. If you thought smartphones were popular in 2019, research predicts that by 2021, 80% of internet browsers will do so primarily utilizing their smartphone or other smart devices.

With more and more users relying on a smartphone to browse internet content, companies must adjust to cater to this expanding pool of potential consumers. This sets the stage for seemingly imminent domination by mobile-first indexing.

This is an index that Google utilizes to measure how well a blog or website performs, optimized to deliver a superior mobile version. The index essentially determines how well your web content meets mobile display standards.

Furthermore, mobile-first indexing touches on a variety of other SEO trends in 2019 and best practices alike such as formatting, site loading speed, and content width for mobile devices as well. For success this year, your business must establish an effective, SEO-viable version of its site. You don’t want to lose out on a massive chunk of traffic when Google indexes content that remains unavailable to mobile viewers.

Creative, Quality Content: The Undisputed Heavyweight Champ

“Content is King” an oldie but a goodie. This commonly-employed maxim remains a tried and true method for digital marketing success in the modern age. You can see the value in quality content creation by simply taking a look at eCommerce. The only eCommerce sites that show up anywhere near a Google index provide compelling and informative content.

Content creation as an SEO trend in 2019 doesn’t mean implementing a lengthy blog post and landing pages. Contrarily, success in this form means providing factual, relevant information that satisfies the intent of browsing and search demographics.

It seems easy enough, remembering who you create content for. Unfortunately, many business-driven content providers simply forget their humanity, hoping to satisfy their own needs as opposed to the needs of their potential consumers. When you focus on user needs, you can cultivate content that provides exactly what they need.

Keeping Eyes in the ‘User’ in UX

UX, or “User Experience” is a crucial component to SEO in 2019 and should stay this way in the future. In the ever-transformative world of Google rankings domain, the search engine places the highest rankings to links that offer user-centered and personalized search results.

The critical part concerning User Experience is the user after all. Only through a superior user experience can a company gain patronage from visitors. Think of things this way, if your company’s website offers a better user engagement experience, users will naturally prefer it over competitors as well as inferior provisions. Google will follow in turn by offering up a better ranking.

SEO Trends in 2019 from GOA-TECH

SEO trends in 2019SEO trends in 2019 for your business, although diverse, demand one primary thing from SEO specialists: a well-planned, well-implemented SEO strategy that stays in line with these aforementioned trends.

To make the most out of 2019 and rank amongst the top providers on Google, your SEO must remain on the heels of these SEO trends in 2019. Our team from GOA-TECH can help as your full-service, digital creative company. To learn more about our services and what we can do for you, contact us today!

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