How Can a Sidebar in Your Website Benefit Your Business?

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Business Website Design | Sidebars on Website Layouts

Taking Advantage of Sidebars

Sidebars can be just as important as the rest of the content on your page. It can have an impact on the users visiting your website by altering how long they browse through your page and more important what they choose to click on. Your Business Website Design should include multiple sidebars to receive maximum benefit.

Improve Content Flow

Sidebars allow designers to include information on the page that may not fit in with the main content. It is a way to include relevant information that the user may still want to know and read, without interrupting the flow of the main text.

It is important to keep in mind that you should not just throw in a bunch of information. Sidebars also need to be organized and simple.

Easy Website Navigation and Access

No one likes to see a clutter of information when visiting a site. It confuses the user and more than likely causes them to leave the page.

Quick and easy navigation for a Business Website Design is the best way to keep active users, especially for those who may not be so computer savvy. Sidebars are meant to boost the quality and overall experience for the user, and accomplishing that is as simple as having links and other helpful information available in seconds.

Increase Site Traffic and Ranking

Including contact buttons, contact information, appointment requests, and other links such as your social media sites can increase your email and site traffic and increase ranking on search engines.

Simple Key Points to Follow When Adding a Sidebar:

  • ‣ Keep it Simple
  • ‣ Information should be relevant
  • ‣ Do not clutter your sidebar with information
  • ‣ Place information in order, beginning with what is most important
  • ‣ Use an image, button, or another type of graphic in between information

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