Three Innovative Ways to Use Video In Email Marketing

Woman sitting down and filming a video in front of a light and phone setup.

Now that you know what video marketing is and that it works, how and where should you use it in your marketing campaigns? One of the ways we recommend using video content is through email marketing.

Let’s face it. People don’t want to read long emails anymore. Blocks of text with nothing enticing or special to look at will give your readers every reason to just click away. Here are three ways you can revive your email marketing with video content.

Video Announcements: Events & Products

Your company events aren’t just great team-building opportunities—they’re great promotional material! Internal events are best documented through video and photography, awesome for social media. This shows potential and existing customers in your business, making you appear personable and like a family, no matter how big or small. 

In addition to great social media content, highlight and recap videos of your employee events are a way to grab the attention of your email newsletter subscribers. External events are also great for these same reasons. While they include your customers and should always have ample promotional content before the event takes place, a recap video of the special event should be included in your emails to get other customers to join the next event. 

When you host unique events, whether it’s a holiday sale or a community outreach event, customers can see them online, share them with their friends, and anticipate the next events. If you regularly host events, make sure you include a call-to-action along with the video you put in your email so that your audience can sign up. 

In addition, videos announcing your new product launches are great marketing material. Video production in digital marketing is often about building hype around your new product, usually giving a specific release date or time frame so your customers can get excited about your new product. A marketing team can build a strategy for your product launches to capitalize on the moment you decide to announce and release your new products.

Business networking event. Groups of people in conversation.
Document your business events! They make for great video content that you can share with your email subscribers.

Share More About Your Business

But email marketing isn’t just about announcements. Email marketing video content can also be a way to share details about your business. Subtly promote your business by showing your values as a company and as a team of people through company culture videos or customer testimonial videos. Ads are everywhere we look now, and it can be hard to stand out among the noise of sales online content. 

Video production in digital marketing also requires being selective about who hears details about your business first. Build exclusivity around your email newsletters by telling those special subscribers about the latest updates and showing more personal videos.

Personalize Your Customer’s Emails

Customers love feeling like something is especially for them. Generic, robotic language won’t catch a modern-day consumer’s eye anymore.

If you already have video content, use email marketing services to automate personalized messages. This will grab the attention of your customers, making them feel like more than just another face. Kayla Carmicheal from the HubSpot Marketing Blog puts it best:


“For instance, let’s say someone watches a portion of a video on your website that they don’t finish, and you’re noticing this is a pattern when you analyze your website data. [You can] automatically send that video in an email to remind that user to finish… From a business perspective, this means more clicks for you, a better relationship with the customer, and more views on videos.”


Our team of email marketing experts can set up these automations and personalizations to help you get the most out of email services.

Email Marketing Services in Miami

Our team doesn’t just specialize in email marketing services in Miami, ads, and website development. We also do video production in digital marketing right here in-house!

At GOA-TECH, we can shoot and edit your very own content. With high-quality video production and strategic marketing plans, we don’t just film for you—we can direct you to the best time and place to post your videos so you get the most engagement. Our full-service team in Miami can shoot and edit multiple types of email marketing video content for you. Contact us today.

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