Here’s How to Boost Sales with Video Marketing

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Make the Play Button Your Most Compelling Call to Action

“Content is King” is an age-old marketing adage that our content marketing company has used a thousand times and over again. However, with numerous marketing channels and mobile accessibility from previously untapped groups of buyers, sales content creation matters more today than ever before.

Video marketing has quickly evolved into a dynamic, effective method to increase sales within a digital marketing space. By incorporating video into your marketing strategies, you can diversify content while increasing customer base engagement.

Top Tips to Increase Sales with Video

Video marketing serves as one of the most effective marketing tactics that any business can use to increase its sales. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all videos will achieve success. The world of video marketing is increasingly competitive. 

For this reason, you must ensure that every video you make hits the right points. Here are some tips from our video marketing agency located in Miami:

Choose the Right Length

When most people make videos for their sales content creation strategy, length usually isn’t the first thing on their minds. If a video says everything the marketer wants it to say, then the duration doesn’t matter, right?

Users have short attention spans. The best marketing videos should include vital information (GOA-TECH recommends 3 to 4 key points) to help peak or maintain interest. However, marketing videos should also entice viewers to learn more about the brand, product, or service.

A 1-to-2-minute video is an optimal length when it comes to viewer engagement. Long enough to capture their attention, but not so long that they lose interest.

Post on YouTube | Remember to Optimize Video Content

YouTube is one of the most-visited websites on the internet. If you want to increase sales for your business with video content marketing, you must post videos on YouTube. 

The good news is that posting on YouTube is easy. Marketers can set up a free account, enabling them to post as many videos as they like. YouTube additionally operates as a great place to host a video when embedding it on a website.

Consequently, as such a popular website, YouTube has a ton of video content that your business must compete with. Marketers must optimize their videos for any chance of standing out. Optimization for sales content creation videos includes:

  • Using keywords/phrases in the video title and description
  • Tagging the video
  • Creating an engaging thumbnail

All these attributes can work in your favor by increasing viewer engagement and (hopefully) sales.

Optimized Video Content for Mobile Users

With mobile device use continuing to increase, marketers must ensure they optimize sales content creation for mobile device viewers. This means ensuring that the video is responsive to different screen sizes on different devices. 

Include a Call-to-Action

This is potentially the most important tip for increasing sales through video marketing that GOA-TECH can provide. After all, without direction on what to do, viewers can never convert into customers.

Our content marketing company in Miami recommends including a clickable link into a video that directs viewers straight to the next step in a sales funnel. Interactive videos make this process easy, including a clickable link right in the video for easy interaction.

Drive More Sales Through Video Marketing | Video Marketing Agency in Miami | GOA-TECH

It’s never too late to launch a sales content creation strategy utilizing video marketing. At first, it may not seem like things are gaining any traction, but you might be surprised how effective video marketing can drive sales for your brand. 

Video content marketing is an ideal way to grab the attention of your audience and engage them. The demand for video content continues to increase. By keeping up with it, you can continue to engage potential customers while conveying valuable information through videos in a very short period.

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategies and social media campaign will increase your engagement and sales as well. Even putting videos on your website may help to keep videos on your pages for longer. This, in turn, will help you to boost your sales results.

Any questions about using video marketing to grow sales? Reach out to our content marketing company in Miami today to learn more!


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