Three Effective Ways Data Analytics Can Improve Your Email Marketing


How do your customers know about your specials, events, and promotions? An email newsletter is an effective way to reach your customers, so they are always in the loop about everything your business has to offer. However, email marketing can be a difficult field for businesses to take on, especially if you don’t know how to read data analytics and use them to your advantage. Here’s how email marketing services can help your business.

Know Where Your Money’s Going

Data analytics can help with one of the most important parts of this particular marketing tactic—email marketing attribution. This refers to the practice of evaluating whether or not an email was, in fact, responsible for a conversion.

But this evaluation can be very difficult. The process of exposing a consumer to your product and then getting them to buy often takes time, multiple different marketing strategies, and can change depending on a multitude of factors, such as consumer demographics, cost, distance, even the weather.

Nonetheless, revenue attribution is a fundamental aspect of marketing, including email marketing services, because it enables companies to perfect their sales strategies. Data analytics quantify what’s working and what’s not in your email marketing campaigns.

“With sales data feeding directly into the CRM, big data tools can more accurately attribute specific marketing elements that contributed to the final sale. When used in conjunction with split (A/B) testing and click-through metrics, companies are able to create highly optimized emails that deliver an exceptional ROI.”

—Market Trends, “Analytics Insight”

Automated Functions

Part of the analytical functions of the platforms our team at GOA-TECH uses (like Constant Contact) are automations. For example, you can set up automated email every time someone signs up for your newsletter. This saves you the trouble of having to reply to each individual who signs up. That would take a long time! 

It also makes sure your business’ branding doesn’t miss a beat. Customer service is a critical part of making clients feel like a business is trustworthy, reliable, and professional. Automated replies can help your business exude those attributes, without requiring a ton of customer service manpower. 

If you’re working on a longer sales campaign, many email softwares even allow you to set up chains of automated emails, scheduling each one to send out to particular groups. This means you can schedule the first email to send out to an entire list of contacts and then schedule follow-up emails to specific groups in that list. One automated reply can be for people who did not open up the initial email while the other reply can be for those who did. These automations are just switches you can turn off and on, as the email software gathers these analytics for you and enables the automated reply.


Predict the Future

Once you determine what email marketing services are working for your business, you can start to use analytics to predict what other eblasts can work in the future. To keep up with the competition, try to anticipate upcoming trends. Planning future sale strategies not only keeps your business organized for the long haul, but it can give you more traction if you are one of the first businesses in your local area to offer a particular product, service, or discount.

Data analytics have become so advanced that they can predict consumer buying habits. For example, businesses can use intent data to predict what a specific customer might buy and when they might buy it. This can shape your future product lines or upcoming services!

Email Marketing Services in Miami | GOA-TECH

Email is not a dead marketing method. In fact, it serves as one of the very few marketing resources we can rely on to build authentic relationships with your customers. 

Despite some rhetoric that tries to paint email marketing services as spam, in reality, eblasts work as advertising correspondence. Customers won’t simply want to provide their information for nothing. Nonetheless, email marketing services can offer a tool that builds relationships while working to increase profit when properly implemented. 

How does one go about setting up email blasts? We’ll take care of it for you. Give us a call today and get a free consultation from our Miami team!

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