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Conversion Optimization

Using Conversion Optimization to Help Your Business

Today’s marketers focus on driving traffic to websites with SEO and social media. However, what happens once a targeted audience lands on a website? How can a company convert traffic into leads and leads into conversions?

Conversion optimization is a marketing optimization procedure that intends to increase the percentage of visitors to a website. We can also refer to this process as conversion rate optimization or CRO.

Almost every company that operates online today utilizes CRO as the key to their business success and sales. It can also serve as the cheapest way a business can maximize its revenue and profit.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The term conversion rate optimization describes a data-driven process to modify a website and its elements to improve conversion rate. A conversion is an action a marketer wants a visitor to take. For example, signing up for an email list, making a purchase, or clicking on a link.

Conversion rates help companies convert more website traffic by optimizing user experiences. The methods behind conversion optimization specifically aim for user-centric experiences and website value propositions. To break it down, some of the best ways to implement CRO on a website include:

  • Meaningful Content
  • Attractive and Compelling Calls-to-Action

Essentially, implementing CRO means identifying potential opportunities and problems on a site and then running the right experiments to determine the methods and modifications that work best!

Basic Components of Conversion Optimization

Website Auditing

Although many steps go into conversion optimization, website auditing is possibly crucial. A website audit can help a marketer or webmaster diagnose critical errors. A comprehensive analysis gauges a website’s performance determining errors and potential areas for improvement. A broken website won’t convert.

Determining Conversion Rate

After investing the time and resources to repair a site, a marketer can then determine the site’s conversion rate.

With online marketing, conversions represent when a visitor rakes the action the marketer wants them to take. Marketers can extend the meaning of a conversion rate, however. For example, social media-based companies may call it a conversion when a user follows them on Instagram or Twitter. That’s the easy part about determining conversions; the business sets what they define as a conversion. Nevertheless, in most cases, conversions mean sales.

Calculating conversion rate comes down to a simple formula:

Conversion rate = Number of goal achievements (conversions) divided by the number of visitors to a page.

Conversion Optimization

Once a marketer completes an audit, they should have repaired most critical errors present on a website. The marketer can begin implementing more creative content, calls-to-action, and search engine optimization methods to improve conversion rate.

Marketers must analyze the site’s web copy, blog content, technical elements, and web design, testing a variety of attributes to measure the overall effectiveness of new implementations.

Getting the Most Out of Your Business with Conversion Rate Optimization | GOA-TECH

Experimentation in conversion optimization will remain a continuous process. A marketer can visualize the improvements as their conversion rate soars when doing the right things. User experience and CRO remain linked. When optimizing for conversions, marketers should aim for the best possible user experience.

Now that you know what conversion rate is and how to improve it through CRO, you can increase the percentage of users who end up transitioning from users to customers. This will in turn increase revenue and help to grow your business.

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