You Built It, Let Us Fix It. Why Your Website Isn’t Working

Website Design in Miami

Website Design in Miami The Problems with DIY Websites

Anyone can make a website design. In fact, many do try their hand at web design with the idea that they can save some money while also helping their business stand out online. 

Having a business website is smart, as even small businesses can no longer afford to remain offline. However, building your own business website can impart a variety of problems including the cost to your growth and bottom line.

Our Miami web design company from GOA-TECH wants to discuss some of these issues in today’s blog post. Read on to learn more about website design in Miami!

The Right Tools

Website templates and pre-made sites are all good and fine for what they do. They’ll put a bunch of pixels together in a way that looks great but not much else. True website design in Miami for a business should represent the best means to increase engagement and conversions for your business. This means real, tangible business results from a website that gives you the tools to measure these metrics.

Oftentimes, DIY sites cannot offer full control over your site. This means none of the research or planning ability in trade for extra coding for numerous features you’ll probably never use. Instead of helping out the company with new business and revenue streams, your DIY website may just keep getting slower and slower with bloated features. This is hardly a recipe to cook up long-term success.

Search Engine Optimization

When you want to start a new site off right, a Miami web design company will probably recommend things like improving appearances in Google’s search rankings. DIY sites, unfortunately, lack the SEO elements to improve and maintain a high ranking that a professional site can provide. This offers many competitors an advantage in any industry.

Keep Things Secure

Do you understand how to analyze your company site security? How about resolving issues and vulnerabilities on the website? For the majority of business owners, the answer is a resounding no.

Hiring a professional company for website design in Miami ensures the agency worries about things like security vulnerabilities. When you construct your own site, this leaves you solely responsible for defending against malicious attacks and any other security deficiencies on the company site.

Taking Things Offline and Back Again

Even the largest, most well-built company sites will need to go offline at some point and time. This could also take place in unforeseen circumstances like hosting errors, domain name issues, as well as problems with coding.

In a DIY website scenario, this means going through the code to find and fix the problem yourself. When hiring a Miami web design company, they can handle your site, extending to and including getting the site back up and running efficiently in no time.

Responsive Design

What good is your company site when it doesn’t work right? Many DIY sites will lack a responsive design. This means they don’t display or function properly on mobile devices. As more and more users seek to browse the web on their mobile devices, this can mean devastating effects on your business marketing efforts and site at large.

When a visitor accesses a site on a mobile device, CSS3 media queries and proportion grids to adjust visual elements based on the user’s device. It will scale down the site’s design appropriately. 

Website Design in Miami

Information on Web Design in Miami from GOA-TECH

These are just a few of the common problems associated with DIY websites. While we can easily understand why business owners and marketing managers like DIY sites in concept there are a number of reasons why cheap and easy don’t necessarily translate to strong SEO and web optimization. 

If you’re serious about using the power of the internet to truly grow your company, a small but serious investment in web design in Miami from an expert like GOA-TECH can represent a cornerstone of your digital marketing campaigns. To learn more, contact our team today!

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