Work Smarter Not Harder in 2020

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The Tools for Marketers and SEO Professionals Are at Your Fingertips in the New Year

Most businesses (even the biggest, most successful ones) could use a little work to boost awareness in terms of their marketing and SEO. Much of this is primarily due to consistent search-engine algorithm updates consistently altering the SEO landscape. Nonetheless, some companies could use a little bit of spring cleaning in the new year.

SEO and marketing are no longer all about keywords. Nor does this include spending every waking moment tracking algorithm changes, ending up more confused than when you began. Google has stayed quite clear about its intent from the very beginning: Providing Clear, Informative, Meaningful Content. Your business should aspire towards the same.

Relying on SEO in 2020

Content is and always has been king. At our SEO firm in Miami, the GOA-TECH team works towards directing client efforts and initiatives towards prioritizing quality content over the reliance on technology.

After all, effective search engine optimization in Miami and the market at large is all about communication between your brand and your audience’s needs. If you want to work smarter, not harder in 2020, this is where your marketing efforts should begin and end.

So many articles and other content pieces that are written and edited for SEO remain so fundamentally flawed from the outset. Audience search intent should always reside at the forefront of our minds when attempting to cultivate quality, meaningful content. As Google evolves, so too should our approach to providing to users on the web.

Although Google crawlers continuously seek out short- and long-tail keywords/phrases, the goal should remain nothing other than answering an audience’s inquisition. Cultivating content and stuffing it with four to five keywords that don’t quite fit at one time seemed prudent. However, as algorithms (and internet users) continue to transform, marketing initiatives must change with them for more organic results.

Integrated SEO on ALL Channels

Effective marketing firms must try and get their clients to understand the cohesive environment where SEO resides. EVERYTHING impacts SEO and organic searches beyond standard content, site architecture, and links.

Google continues to migrate towards web user experiences, from updates focused on mobile users to the integration of voice searches and video content. 

The reality is that many companies still look at SEO as a “do-all” bottleneck that serves as the master of its domain. For companies that rely on social media platforms, video content, PR, and other marketing initiatives, SEO must permeate all of these mediums as well. Without this proper integration from SEO services in Miami from all of these resources, this can lead to significant missed opportunities that can notably benefit organic performance.

Core SEO can only take your business so far. In such a competitive space, SEO considerations for your marketing efforts must be present while placing your audience and a desire to drive traffic to a site at the forefront.

Ultimately, a smooth, frictionless experience helps to gain loyal customers through additional creative and translucent branding. However, you must also perform these tasks while keeping a keen eye on core SEO practices and search engine rankings as well.

GOA-TECH | SEO Firm in Miami

SEO Firm in MiamiA key component to success and maximizing opportunities with search-engine optimization requires adjusting viewpoints, practices, and standards that we once considered prudent, and ideal for a changing marketplace.

SEO is no longer the “do everything” silo that we once thought it was. Trends toward voice searching will continue, and Google will further their experimentation with different approaches to SERP scores and how it chooses to display search results regarding geolocation, as well as results about questions.

Staying informed and up-to-date on all trends is a vital component to success in the modern, ever-changing marketplace. Nonetheless, Impressions Count, and you must do this while additionally working towards offering the best content possible.

To learn more about search engine optimization in Miami and how our firm can help your business towards success in the new year, contact GOA-TECH today and start working smarter, not harder for your best possible results!

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