Stand Out On Social Media During the Holidays with Branded Ads

Christmas Marketing Campaign

Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

As we all wait for the winter holiday and “the most wonderful time of the year,” attempting to develop a Christmas marketing campaign is no easy task for marketers and the companies they represent.

It’s only natural that advertising should include some holiday flair during this time of year. However, it is wise to limit campaigns that focus specifically on brand and service and brand awareness.

Online ads are a great way to produce content that links to specially designed landing pages, making it easy for consumers to buy advertised products and services quickly. This is also the ideal moment to promote gift ideas as well.

Our team from GOA-TECH wants to provide this year’s holiday gift in the form of some social media ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd with a Christmas marketing campaign that can wow clients and competitors alike!

Christmas Video Ads

Video remains the most shared content form and the best way to spread a campaign on social media platforms. For this reason, videos remain a crucial component to an effective and successful Christmas marketing campaign.

Although video marketing is time-consuming, requiring a team to put together a great video, producing versatile content, and focusing on a solid message with visuals to tell a story is one of the best ways to expand a brand on social media during the holidays.

Similarly, marketers can also consider creating short videos for TikTok, Instagram, and other short-form social media videos. These videos don’t require extensive editing, and marketers can typically produce them in a short time.

Christmas Offers and Discounts

Customers expect holiday offers and promotions from their favorite brands. Aside from free shipping, brands can offer other offers that incentivize existing customers, in addition to potential new ones that see advertising for products or services while browsing social media.

Companies can offer gifts, loyalty points, vouchers, discounts, and even trial packages to entice customers and stimulate traffic to a business. Creating a “Countdown to Christmas” next to offers is also an excellent way to create a sense of urgency.

Some brands even choose to get into the holiday spirit with a 12 Days of Christmas marketing campaign that helps generate momentum and keeps customers coming back each day.

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook

Organic marketing is excellent. However, advertising can help to boost business visibility while increasing traffic. When creating ads, marketers should utilize Christmas and holiday-oriented keywords that highlight offers and services.

A paid social campaign should begin well in advance. After all, businesses should target customers earlier in the purchase cycles. Customers commonly start shopping long before making a purchase, sometimes as early as October.

Beginning a Christmas marketing campaign centered on paid advertising early helps businesses create interest and excitement in their offers while assisting consumers in planning how they’ll spend their money during the holiday season.

Branded Ads this Christmas Season | GOA-TECH

A well-executed Christmas marketing campaign can delight customers and not just add to the holiday chaos online. The right messaging can evoke positive emotions, promote sharing, and connect users with the advent of the winter season. This can help marketers generate business, loyal customers, and conversion growth in the long term.

To learn more about marketing during the holiday seasons, reach out to an experienced Miami marketing agency with the skills and knowledge to guide you. For more information, contact GOA-TECH today! 


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