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Marketing? Public Relations? How Do You Tell Your Story?

Today the lines between marketing and public relations are even more confusing than ever for many business owners. But when it comes to building your reputation, increasing awareness, and shaping public opinion, public relations professionals will make sure you tell your story in a way that makes the right impression.

What’s PR? Why Is it Important?

Marketing and public relations (PR) are closely related in today’s business world. Traditionally, PR was the primary communication channel for getting the word out there about your business. This could reflect a new product or an event. However, PR is not in any way outdated—it’s a vital tool for your business.

Public relations is how your business or organization can tell its story. While marketing is more about pushing products and services, PR is about creating trust and developing your business’ reputation. With PR, you can ensure your business makes the right impression and attracts the client base you’re looking for.

Unlike advertisements, public relations material appears often longer in form, plainly designed, and information-focused. It communicates your story and what’s new with your business or organization rather than capturing your audience’s attention through an advertisement.

Creating “Creative” Content

However, an excellent digital marketing strategy and public relations tactics that incorporate creative content on your social media channels and websites to advertise your business and relay to the public about your promotions, events, and new services should be a part of your integrated communications plan. However, creating a comprehensive plan involves making the right choices in digital marketing and requires in-depth knowledge about PR principles. 

For instance, merely announcing a special on your restaurant’s Facebook isn’t going to be as effective if you don’t tell some of your stories and engage your customers. Telling customers your story can create positive feelings about your restaurant and therefore build your customer base. In addition to social media, marketers still utilize traditional PR practices today.

Earned media is a great way to build your credibility and showcase your company. Your small business can benefit from using public relations experts who know how to work with local media in South Florida and pitch your story for greater exposure. Whether it is creating press packages, writing press releases, or providing interview training and on-site support, a skilled PR professional will make sure that you tell your story the right way.

A press release is one of the ways you can build your business’ reputation and increase exposure regarding upcoming events and news about your business.

Don’t Make the Wrong Impression: Crisis Communication

But what happens when it isn’t good news you need to share? Many businesses often find themselves facing challenges or crises which require well-thought-out responses. 

Having PR experts on hand when you need them is also crucial during a time when your business is in the middle of a controversy and is receiving bad publicity. A crisis can happen at any moment. How your business survives a crisis and weathers the storm of public opinion depends on how you respond. 

GOA-TECH: Crisis Communication Strategies

A crisis communication plan is imperative to have in place ahead of time. As one of the top South Florida PR firms, GOA-TECH is ready to sit down and help you get prepared with a plan to handle whatever crisis might come your way. 

Your reputation matters, whether it is online, by word of mouth, or in the press. We can provide reputation management services to make sure your credibility remains intact.

Our South Florida public relations plans are designed with our client’s goals in mind. No two clients are alike, and our plans and strategies are customized to each client’s needs. We use market research, analytics, and creative approaches to design a personalized plan that is right for you.

GOA-TECH: PR Firm in Florida

At GOA-TECH, our public relations division, based in South Florida, is ready to help you achieve your goals with strategies to establish connections and tell your story in a meaningful way that resonates with people; schedule an appointment with us today and get a free consultation.


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