B2B With Intent: Why You Need It!

Intent-based marketing

Marketing intentionally means knowing your audience inside and out. But marketing to individual customers is a lot different than marketing to businesses or organizations. Here’s how marketing with intent can not only help you B2C but also B2B. 

Intent-based Marketing, Business to Business

Don’t know what intent marketing is? Let’s go back to the basics. This marketing strategy follows what your customers search, who they follow, their demographic data, the content they engage with, and more. 

Based on this behavior, a marketing agency can now make an educated guess about what and when customers are willing to buy. This is called intent-based marketing. Now, marketing experts can see what customers intend to do on the Internet, whether that’s visiting a social media profile or making a purchase on a site before they even do it. 

This helps businesses get their foot in the door and market themselves to the audiences who will more likely book an appointment with you or buy from your shop. At GOA-TECH, we have the means and the expertise to help your business market with intent and reach your customers like never before. 

However, intent-based marketing doesn’t just have to be between a business and a consumer—it can also be between a business and another business. When you promote your business to another business, like a floral arrangement business to a wedding planner company, that’s what we call “Business to Business Marketing”. 

You may be more familiar with B2C, business to consumer, which is the more well-known kind of business transaction. Intent-based marketing is often talked about in B2C terms because this kind of marketing targets customers through their buying/searching behavior and content interests online. 

But did you know that you can do this same kind of intent marketing from business to business? Here are some B2B marketing strategies we recommend from our marketing agency in Miami.

 B2B Marketing Strategies
The kind of content you put out matters, but strategies for when and where you promote your content matter just as much when targeting B2B.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Content is King

Without great content, it’s going to be that much harder to see a return on your investment if you do decide to use intent and interest data. The type of content you post on your website and social media platforms is key, and so is the timeframe in which you post that content. Christmas content shouldn’t be posted in July, should it?

Obviously, that’s an extreme example, but you get the idea. If your business is selling Christmas items or services specific to the end-of-year holidays, you wouldn’t want to start promoting too close to those holidays or too early. Keep in mind that if you’re making sales to other businesses, they might want those products or services earlier than a regular customer would.

For example, if you’re selling fireworks wholesale and targeting smaller firework retail businesses, those retailers will want enough time to receive those fireworks and enough time to promote the product to their own customers. Marketing agencies market intentionally by taking advantage of search data, demographic data, and more to create content that will go out at just the time businesses are intending to buy. 

“A solid content strategy delivers leads while increasing sales and conversion rates. Intent marketing provides the competitive edge as it targets buyers with content they need at the right time in their journey.”

Martin Jones, Cox BLUE

Intent-Based Marketing | Marketing Agency in Miami

B2B intent marketing is harder than it looks, but you don’t have to be the one to take on that burden. A team of marketing experts can consistently gather, analyze, and filter data to produce the most effective B2B marketing strategies for your business. Our team at GOA-TECH can help you sift through the mountain of data to expertly market to your audience. Give us a call today and ask about how intent-based marketing can help your business.

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