What Is Marketing With Intent?

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Ever feel like Instagram is listening to you? That’s because it is. Social media platforms gather data about you every day—what you like, what you don’t like, what you search for, the content you consume, what you buy, the list goes on. Intent-based marketers use this data to predict what products or services you’re more likely to purchase in the future so that you can see an ad or promotion for them before you even think about it.

Intent-Based Marketing & What It Can Do for You

What if you could meet your customers’ needs and give them exactly what they want before they even step foot in your store? Marketing with intent does just that. Every single person on the Internet leaves a digital footprint. Marketers have unprecedented access to key information about the customers and clients you want to attract to your business or firm. 

What they search, who they follow, their demographic data, the content they engage with, and more. Based on this behavior, marketers can now make an educated guess about what and when customers are willing to buy. This is called intent-based marketing. Now, marketing experts can see what customers intend to do on the Internet, whether that’s visiting a social media profile or making a purchase on a site before they even do it. 

This helps businesses get their foot in the door and market themselves to the audiences who will more likely book an appointment with you or buy from your shop. At GOA-TECH, we have the means and the expertise to help your business market with intent and reach your customers like never before.

Interest Data vs. Intent Data

There are two types of data in intent-based marketing: interest and intent. While both are useful for brands and marketers who want to understand specific needs and wants from consumers, they are slightly different from each other. Ultimately, these types of data work best when they are used together

Put simply, interest data includes the things that a particular customer or group of customers are generally interested in. These interests can span over a wide range of areas, but what marketers often find most useful are long-term areas of interest, as consumers usually don’t change these interests as much or as quickly as short-term interests.

For example, if you’ve been a fan of baseball for most of your life, marketers would likely see a higher ROI by promoting baseball sports gear, merchandise from your favorite team, or deals on tickets to the next game as opposed to promoting businesses or services surrounding a short-term interest of yours, such as golf. 

Marketing agencies like GOA-TECH retrieve this information on you by analyzing and tagging internet content, associating it with interest categories, and connecting it to households and neighborhoods. Interest data, especially the long-term kind, offers companies a more in-depth picture of who someone is, providing marketers with the opportunity to better personalize their message and offers to your potential customers or current ones.

However, intent data goes a bit further with this personal information. After noting a customer’s interests, history of buying/engaging, and location, marketers come up with intent data. This speaks to what a consumer is planning to put into her basket within the next week or two. Therefore, intent data is ever-changing, and marketers have to be more urgent with their response. 

If you know your target customer is in a certain town just for the weekend, you might promote a local coffee shop. The next weekend, she’ll be back home looking for the perfect restaurant for her best friend’s birthday. When it comes down to it, intent-based marketing is all about timing. 

Suggesting the right product, service, or local business to your target customer means nothing if you suggest it too late. To use intent data the right way, you need a team of marketers who will be right on the money.

Yes, your phone listens to you and tracks your data. Intent-based marketing that targets sports fans will likely promote gear, games, and merchandise.

Expert Intent-Based Marketing | GOA-TECH

With both intent data and interest data, you’ll get the full picture of who your customers are and what they want from you. As a result, you’ll see more people come to your business because you’ve shown them that you care enough to personalize your promotions and messaging to their interests. 

But this is no easy task. You need a team of marketing experts to consistently gather, analyze, and filter data to produce the most effective advertising strategy. Our team at GOA-TECH can help you sift through the mountain of data to expertly market to your customer base. Give us a call today and ask about how intent-based marketing can help your business.

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