ICYMI: Google Ad Updates and Your Campaigns

How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?

Google Ads Updates and How it Could Affect Political Campaigns

For anyone involved in marketing, resisting the latest Google Ads updates is an exercise in futility.

However, this doesn’t mean we can just lump every new feature and update together all willy-nilly without some essential facts and tips. Have questions like “How do Google Ads generate responsive search ads” or “How can these new updates affect my outreach conversion goals”? Read on to learn more about what any campaign can gain from these new Google Ads updates with this information from GOA-TECH!

Additions to Display Campaign Automation

Google recently announced significant changes to its smart and standard display campaigns. They have now merged these into one campaign type. This streamlines a formerly convoluted process of compiling data on multiple screens with multiple tools.

When choosing a campaign type through Google Ads, users can now see one singular display option. Once selected, a user can then choose to display both Display and Smart ads together or as separate resources.

Google additionally outlined improvements in automation for Display campaigns. When starting a new ad campaign, political teams will see their Display campaign automatically implemented for optimized targeting. This can enable the group to pull in clicks from outside of selected audiences outside of established goals!

Data Added to Search Terms Reports

The Search Terms Report displays queries to ads. However, over time the tool began to only display search terms with high enough volume to maintain search anonymity. The changes to this tool enable advertisers to see search terms that they gain impressions on, regardless of whether a user clicked on the ad or not.

Unfortunately, Google will also remove historical search terms that don’t meet a pre-specified threshold volume, making this data no longer available whatsoever to Google Ads users.

New Conversion Goals and Budget Reporting

Google has announced a rollout of updated Conversion goals. This new feature automatically groups conversion actions together into categories most meaningful to a marketer’s goals. Teams can optimize the report for conversion goals by defining the conversion action goals it wants to track.

These improvements in reporting are additionally enhanced by improved reporting tools related to Google Ads campaign budgeting.

When setting a daily average budget for Google Ads, marketers can outline for Google to spend the budget in a way that averages out the amount over the course of a month. The tool will spend up to twice the daily average budget on days that could optimize clicks and conversions, counteracting this by spending less on days with lower traffic and conversion potential.

This is a useful feature for any marketer or webmaster attempting to streamline and maximize their budget. The updates will provide a cumulative spending section to see:

  • Spending projections
  • How much has the marketer or company spent so far
  • Monthly spending limits

Marketers and campaign teams can also edit budget numbers to analyze how alterations can impact their overall monthly performance.

Running a Google Ads Smart Campaign Isn’t Always a Smart Decision

Smart or automated Google Ads campaigns may seem like a good idea; however, some may find that their experience may differ. This offers marketers essentially no control over where display ads appear. While they will still provide clicks and conversions, much of this will be junk and spam. 

Automated ad campaigns also offer no way for users to tell Google that they don’t want ads to appear on specific sites, channels, or apps either. Time will tell if these new additions can make the difference in control for politicians and political campaigns attempting to get the most from their marketing with the “hands-off” approach.

How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?

Contrarily, Google Ads’ best feature may be the responsive search ads function. When wanting to attract users (this means potential voter conversion, support, etc.), Google Responsive Ads can create marketing initiatives based on existing ad copy, landing pages, as well as extensions.

Furthermore, the tool will match headlines and description lines focusing on the best performing Google Ad content.

The key benefit of this marketing tool is that it works for all devices while converting traffic from these devices at the same time. Responsive ads additionally enable Google to measure ad performance more efficiently with enhanced reporting to understand a potential demographic.

Google Ad Updates and Political Campaigns | Effective Responsive Search Ads | GOA-TECH

Google Ads generates more traffic and potential conversions for a business. Responsive search ads take this a step further by providing additional ways to increase visibility to the right audience when properly implemented.

To learn more information on how Google Ads generates responsive search ads, and how the new updates to the Google Ads toolset can help you with a digital marketing initiative, reach out to GOA-TECH today!


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