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Ranking for Competitive Keywords

How Important is Website Traffic for Your Business?

If you rely on website traffic or want to grow your business, then you need to ensure that search engine optimization (SEO) is on your radar. While a paid ad may generate some quick, immediate, albeit temporary results, you can enlist SEO expert services to optimize your site content for search engines. This guarantees that your traffic sustains day after day without doing anything extra.

In the modern internet age, a considerable amount of companies compete for the same search engine traffic. This cultivates an environment that makes SEO far more difficult than it was previously. Many clients come to us asking how to rank for competitive keywords.

Your friends from GOA-TECH want to impart some advice on an effective strategy to help you rank for competitive keywords and effectively increase your company’s website traffic.

How to Rank for Competitive Keywords

Is it Possible?

You can begin your journey into SEO by cultivating a list of the potential keywords that you want to generate traffic for. When you create this list, choose some long-tail keywords or phrases containing four words or longer. Maintain specificity, as many broad terms are likely already extremely competitive.

These keywords attract highly qualified customers as they demonstrate more focused intent while they search. Although you can use shorter keywords, these take more time to find the ones you can rank for.

Enter your chosen keywords/phrases into Google. If your results contain various URLs with .gov or .edu extensions, disregard these keywords. Most companies cannot compete with these authoritative resources.

Write Long-Form Content

Often sites that rank number one for competitive keywords display a content page length of nearly 2,500 words. Sites that come in 10th impart an average length of just over 2,000 words, which in turn demonstrates a decrease in ranking that correlates directly to word count reduction.

Longer content that is interesting and engaging attracts more backlinks and helps to position your company as an authority on the subject. This additionally affords you more opportunities to rank for long-tail keywords. Long-form content furthermore increases the number of time people will spend viewing your website, another facet Google factors in when ranking content.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is essentially anything on your page where you can dedicate SEO expert services. On-Page SEO involved optimizing or editing to adequately align a page’s attributes with Google’s ranking factors.

Although numerous different components exist that contribute to on-page SEO, each part plays a vital role that assists your site’s ascendance up search rankings. On-page SEO factors include:

  • Page loading speed
  • User experience
  • Navigation and design
  • On-site engagement

How to Rank with Competitive Keywords with GOA-TECH

For many companies, ranking for competitive keywords feels like it is an impossible task. However, with the right strategic approach, as well as some hard work, this goal is not unattainable. Regardless, the time and effort you spend optimizing your site will prove well worth the trouble.

People utilizing the world’s most popular search engine is not simply a trend that is going away any time soon. In fact, this is an experience that only continues to propagate and permeate every facet of our modern culture. As more and more of the world’s population continues accessing the internet on mobile devices, SEO expert services remain as important as ever.

If SEO is an essential point for your business, reach out to GOA-TECH to discover precisely how we can help you.

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