#GOAsk: Social Media Ads Can Be Crucial To Your Online Presence

Improve Your Online Presence with Social Media Ads

Engaging with a target audience while improving online presence remains vital to the success of any modern business. However, accomplishing driving a targeted audience in addition to page views often proves difficult. If you don’t possess knowledge or experience concerning social media marketing, this is also very time-consuming and further exacerbates the situation.

Nevertheless, the real issue comes down to the millions of businesses currently active on social media platforms. With so much competition in the space, how can you utilize social media ads to stand out from these other entities while also improving your social media presence?

In addition to the video above, our team from GOA-TECH wants to offer some tips on utilizing social media ads to get the most out of your campaign.

Information – Absorb and Listen

The best content marketing and social media successes demand listening over talking. The first thing that should come to mind with social media ads is getting your message out there. After all, the goal is cultivating a staunch social media presence. Unfortunately, this only represents half of the battle.

Learning to listen and absorb feedback and information is essential. When you understand the audience that you target, this can help you better speak to this group’s unique experiences and points of contention.

Extending Brand Voice into the Ad Copy

Every business should wield a unique voice. Additionally, this should mimic the collective voice of the brand’s followers. As users scroll through their feed, they should remain able to recognize this voice almost immediately. Experiment with different headings, calls-to-action, as well as images to impart a little bit of your brand’s specific voice.

Combining Ad Copy with Complementary Multimedia

A big reason so many people get on social media is to get a break from the constant barrage of day-to-day life. They could feel bored in class or at the office, maybe even waiting for food to get to the table.

Whatever the reason, it remains essential to produce social media ads featuring exciting multimedia additions that work harmoniously with text. Creative enhancements further communicate the initial point you try to make through the call-to-action.

Furthermore, ensure that all of the components of your social media ads all work together to deliver a story to your users. This includes your image or video text, descriptions, headlines, URLs, etc. This will make your users more likely to continue learning from the ad instead of just “liking” and moving on.

Aligning Social Media Ads with Funnel Targeting

When you think about social media ads, this naturally equates to some form of sales copy. However, on social media platforms, you don’t want ads to feel like sales copy at all. Successfully marketing campaigns impart no intent, and therefore no hard sells.

This is a significant reason why conversion cycles for social media campaigns often take much longer than traditional marketing efforts. To help you get through this, make your ad copy in a way that lets them know your brand exists, and you just want to say hello.

Although this method of funnel targeting can take quite a bit longer, the results, in the end, make it worth the significant effort. Create lots of ads while targeting custom audiences. You may discover that “talking business” in this way with your viewership offers an excellent way to turn potential customers into long-time brand followers.

Social Media Ads | GOA-TECH

Social Media AdsA great social media ad doesn’t just feature a high-contrast image or quick video snippet. Ad copy itself can make or break your engagement rate. The time is now to move past any notions about users remaining too busy to read.

Successful social media ads inform and entertain social media users. They will grab and captivate their attention within the news feed. If you want to convert, your campaign must give them something worth their while.

To learn more about digital marketing and using social media ads to your advantage, contact the comprehensive web design, advertising, and digital marketing firm at GOA-TECH today!

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