Back to School: Your Landing Page is Not A Website

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What is a Landing Page? Landing Pages Explained

In the digital marketing world, a landing page is a standalone web page. Designers create landing pages specifically for marketing purposes. A landing page is where visitors are directed after they click on a call-to-action through an email or ad. 

A landing page is not a website or a web page. A website typically focuses on a variety of marketing goals and provides visitors with broader information about your business. A website also encourages site exploration.

Landing page creation has a single focus or goal: conversion through the call-to-action (CTA).

CTA is why landing pages are the best option to help your business increase marketing campaign conversion rates while also lowering costs. Essentially, a landing page fits into a marketing funnel to optimize lead and sale acquisition.

Landing Page Creation & Design 101

Creating a landing page is an excellent way for a company to measure the effectiveness of its design concepts and marketing ideas. 

You can structure your landing pages to help consumers find what they need. Simplified designs help improve user experience on your website by cutting down navigation time.

Your landing page creation should integrate with an overall marketing strategy since a landing page should also encourage users to visit your company website. 

Once a visitor clicks an online ad on social media or through an email, it will lead them right to your website and encourage visitors to continue browsing your products or services.

Once you develop your company website, the next step is to attract more customers. The best way to do this is by creating a landing page. 

SEO and Landing Page Creation

GOA-TECH’s is ready to help your business create a  landing page that will help your company generate more leads. We customize our landing page design services for your brand and goals.

With the best landing page design ideas, the GOA-TECH’s Miami-based team offers our clients affordable and efficient landing pages designed to generate leads. Our experts use the best landing page strategies and practices to help your company turn site visitors into customers.

Landing Page Optimization: Best Practices

When we think about business success, this begins and ends with improving conversion rates. 

Many marketing companies will devise various strategies to increase numbers and stay a step ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a landing page and landing page optimization as well.

Landing page optimization isn’t all that different from traditional SEO. Specialists work to improve page element performance. It may involve some conventional SEO services like keyword research and content creation. 

With the right implementation, our optimization strategies will bring your company the highest possible conversion rate from visitors on these pages.

  • Function

The ideal optimization process starts from the bottom up, ensuring landing page functionality. No successful landing page suffers from technical issues and minimizes friction for users on the page.

Decreased friction can lead to potential customers staying on the page for longer. The longer these users remain on the page, the increased chance to convert them into brand followers. Optimizing your landing page is the best way to decrease the bounce rate. As a result, this will improve your company’s standing with search engines like Google or Bing.

  • Accessibility

Landing pages must be easily accessible. This means that visitors shouldn’t run into any trouble while finding targeted landing pages. Implementing landing page optimization best practices is crucial. This includes a clear call-to-action, as well as mobile responsiveness for browsers on any device.

  • Usability

Landing page usability ties directly into the overall function. Visitors should not experience any readability or browsing issues while navigating the page. The best examples of landing page creation and optimization exhibit a clear, smooth website, prompting more users to act.

  • Persuasion

Every effort you make on your landing page should head towards one goal: persuading on-site visitors to convert into leads. With landing page optimization, we can take this one step further, converting leads into loyal brand advocates.

GOA-TECH | A Miami Online Digital Marketing Company

In the modern marketing world, ensuring all your marketing efforts lead to success is imperative. With GOA-TECH, we focus on improving services while determining the best growth avenues for your business.

Our team is committed to getting the best possible results for our clients. With two decades of experience in IT support, public relations, and digital marketing, we remain the ideal solution. Our expertise and passion for excellence contribute to our status as one of the best resources for SEO in Miami.

As you work to drive more traffic to your website, don’t make the mistake of not converting your traffic into leads. 

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a landing page guru, there’s no reason to do it alone. Call GOA-TECH today at (786) 462-8324 to learn more about our Miami landing page creation!

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