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Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

We’re rapidly approaching yet another calendar turn. The year’s end is a great time to look ahead to where marketing trends are going in 2020. As marketing continues to evolve, our Miami SEO consultant GOA-TECH wants to cast some light on some of the specific digital marketing trends we’ll see in the new year.

We can keep expecting technological advancements to take the forefront, as well as algorithm updates that necessitate new techniques and methods to get the most out of a marketing campaign. Read on to learn more about what our experts expect to see regarding digital and content marketing trends in 2020.

Interactive Content

Users on social media and mostly any digital platform today expect new experiences as they browse the web. For a number of them, this means increased interactivity with the content.

Interactive content helps marketers keep visitors on their page for more extended periods. This could reflect political campaigns looking to reach more constituents, as well as a business attempting to target demographics for their products and services.

Simply stated, interactive content is a better way to engage with visitors. Users will enjoy this engaging content more than traditional methods. We can expect to see more interactivity amongst content marketing trends in 2020.

Personalized Marketing

2020 will represent the year of personalized digital marketing trends. Even the average consumer nowadays remains particularly adept at filtering out generic ads and marketing efforts that don’t “speak” to them. For this reason, traditional marketing efforts now seem less effective than ever before.

Most modern internet users find personalization far more appealing than traditional marketing trends. Personalized experiences perform better than generic provisions. This enables a marketing specialist to interact with their audience in a more meaningful and long-lasting way.

Video Content

The majority of consumers on the internet respond quite well to visual content. This makes video an exceptional tool for digital marketing. All we need to do to verify these trends is look at the rise and success of YouTube and other visual platforms like Instagram Stories, and apps like Snapchat.

Our Miami SEO consultant at GOA-TECH expects to see trends towards video content continue in 2020 and beyond. Video content is an excellent way to provide insight into a company’s production or operation through live and recorded videos. This additionally can instill in a touch of personalization for viewers and potential consumers.

The Best First Step Towards Marketing Success in the New Year

Marketing TrendsThe best initial step in 2020 for any digital marketing team is to perform a marketing audit. Content can become stale, irrelevant, as well as out of date. For this reason, companies and their marketing specialists must decide whether the best course of action is through updating or deletion.

Cleaning up content, SEO, and all applicable facets on social media and other advertising avenues provide marketers with a clean slate for content marketing optimization. As we look at content marketing trends in 2020, there is no better time than the new year to begin planning for better performance and reach.

Our team from GOA-TECH works hard to help clients get the most out of their digital marketing activities. This includes looking ahead and anticipating what they should expect with the seemingly constant updates and trending methods for their content marketing campaigns.

Our experts want to help you. We can carry your business into the 2020 winner’s circle. To learn more about what GOA-TECH and their expert team can do for you, get in touch with our Miami SEO consultant today! Call us at (786)462-8324 now!


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