Why Is Average Visit Duration an Important Statistic to Look out For?

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When looking at the metrics of your business’s website, knowing which sets of date to look for and how to interpret them is important. Statistics such as page views and how many new visitors your website has are important, but they sometimes do not tell the whole story. For example, knowing what the average time visitors stay on certain web pages is can help you better tailor your content and message to a target audience. At Miami SEO & Web, we can provide you with Website Traffic Analysis to give your business more exposure online.

Having access to Website Traffic Analysis tools to measure the average time that visitor spends on each page on your website gives you an edge over your competitors. Being able to see which of your web pages has the highest time visited will let you see which of your content is most engaging to customers and you can replicate it elsewhere. With our dedicated team working with your business, you will see where the people who spend the most time on your website are so you can more effectively advertise to them.

Website Analytics Tools

While marketing to a broad audience can sometimes be effective, knowing who is your target audience will give your marketing a much higher impact. With over 17 years of web development and marketing experience, our team at Miami SEO & Web is ready and willing to work with your business. Our SEO packages are customizable, so you will be able to pick and choose which services your business needs to succeed. If you have any questions about what we can offer your business, do not hesitate to speak with one of our staff today! Typically you would have to hire multiple companies for all of your SEO needs, but now you only need us.

At Miami SEO & Web, we will provide your business with Website Traffic Analysis tools to make you rise above the competition. By knowing who spends the most time on certain web pages, you can tailor your marketing to a target audience to help grow web traffic and revenue. If your business is just starting out online or needs a complete overhaul, our services are perfect for you.

Website Visitor Statistics

With a free SEO analysis, you will be able to tell which areas of your website will benefit the most from our SEO services. Schedule yours today by calling us at (786) 462 – 8324 or click here to make an appointment online!

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