What is Google+? How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Social Media Marketing With Google Plus

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Social Media Marketing With Google Plus
Social Media Marketing With Google Plus

Google+ is one of the most active social networks with millions of active accounts. Some of its features come from other platforms and services. It has advanced the growth for business marketing and search engine optimization.

Improves your search engine ranking:

Companies using Google+ will surely be ranked higher than a company who does not use google+. Social Media Marketing with Google Plus has improved companies by attracting more customers through high ranking.

Great for Collaboration:

Google allows for its users to distribute, and share documents, pictures, videos and more with ease. Not only can you share the information but it can also be edited with your audience of choice. It is also easy to integrate with other platforms like youtube and Gmail.


Google plus has a central feature which is great for connecting with people. It helps put people in groups depending on engagement, people who are in the same location, and those with similar interests.

Choose Social Media Marketing With Google Plus if:

You should be connected with Google+ if you own a business or are in business. For example here are few people who should use Google+ but are not limited to these people:

  • you’re a doctor
  • you’re a lawyer
  • you’re a realtor
  • you’re a insurance agent
  • you’re a consultant

If you are new to Google Plus here are a few tips you should follow:

  • Design your cover photo according to Google’s responsive design to ensure you have a clear and attractive picture.
  • When writing about popular or noteworthy news, use hashtags!
  • Have your customers write reviews about you on Google+, this can increase your rankings
  • Be sure to connect your page with your website as this can increase your customer traffic.

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