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SEO is one of the most important tools in the digital age of marketing, but it can be a frustrating concept to grasp because SEO methods are constantly changing. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” is what drives traffic to your site and brings you customers. Our SEO company works to ensure your business appears at the top of searches by reviewing analytics and optimizing your website. We improve your site’s overall ranking and increase your exposure to customers through creative, research-based content and data analysis.

A search engine results page is the listing we see when we type a search inquiry into Google, Bing, or any other search engine. With Google focusing on offering users the best possible search engine experience (and Bing concentrating on competing with Google), it only makes sense that the biggest search engines would continually update their SERPs with new features.

When it comes to digital marketing for a company, organic traffic is the best possible avenue toward converting visitors online to sales, customers, etc. Unfortunately, it also means that search engine optimization with SERPs in mind can be pretty frustrating. How can a specialist or webmaster keep up?

Google AdWords enables websites to display at the top of a search engine results page for their chosen keywords. They also pay Google each time someone clicks an ad.

When we conduct a search, we can see paid results at the top or bottom of a SERP. The listing will have “Ad” written in bolded letters next to the URL.

Ads can play a crucial role in helping a company obtain targeted traffic to its website. Paid advertising campaigns can fit nicely within an overall digital marketing strategy working with local SEO and link building.

Contrarily, organic SERPs represent traditional organic listings displaying a meta description, title, etc. However, Google and Bing continue to add more SERP features to the comprehensive catalog. These include ‘Featured Snippets’ and other attributes that can notably improve a business’s organic traffic.

Paid ads are a quick way to the top, circumventing methods like seeking affordable SEO services or local SEO and link building work. Nonetheless, competition for organic results remains fierce while introducing other complications.

A search engine results page allows webmasters and specialists to visualize their SEO efforts. Search engine optimization ensures that a website shows up and ranks high on a SERP. This can drastically impact the number of clicks a page link receives. Alternatively, this helps Google, Bing, and the other search engines help users find what they need.

A SERP and SEO remain linked, and the steps a webmaster can take in this area remain the key to developing organic traffic and achieving a company’s goals. Despite competition with paid ads and numbers of no-click searches, companies still have more than enough organic traffic to go around. However, they must understand how to utilize SERPs to their advantage.

Affordable SEO services and local SEO with link building represent great starting points to put webmasters and specialists in complete control of the content they put out. As a result, this will affect how they appear in the SERP. Using this wisely, webmasters and marketing specialists can boost conversions while positively influencing organic traffic.

GOA-TECH can offer control of what listings look like and where they appear on a SERP. This work includes affordable SEO services and editing titles, meta descriptions, and other aspects like structured data management.

Our SEO Services

We have several different SEO services, and our strategists can help you determine which services best fit your business and your budget.


Our online listing service helps local customers and clients locate your business and important information about your business, such as services, hours of operation, and contact information. We help your business maintain and update vital business information across multiple platforms so that when your customers look for you in local searches, they are getting the information they need.


Our content team not only curates blogs on your website to attract new readers and keep current website visitors informed, but they also make sure the content is optimized for maximum engagement. Our blogs are created with the right keywords and subject matter, which increases your website’s ranking and encourages customers to return to your site.

Reputation & Quality Control

Your reputation online can make or break your brand. While social media and online reviews can easily control your image, monitoring them is key to success. Our SEO team monitors your reviews, offers incentives for positive reviews to customers while managing your reputation. We focus on reputation and quality control in the slim chances of a bad review.

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