Why We Optimize Images and How This Benefits Your Business!

Image Optimization Miami

Image Optimization Miami
Image Optimization Miami

Benefits of Image Optimization

Have you been overlooking the images on your website? Have you been paying more attention to the content rather than adding time to focus on your images? In order to maximize your chances of ranking higher in search results then you will have to place your focus on the images too!

Optimizing your images can help your business because it helps increase the traffic in your website, decrease the bounce rate, maximize the awareness of your brand, facilitates the searching process for the spiders, and much more! If you’re truly looking forward to growing your business and making a profit then you have to make sure your website is on point all the time such as optimizing images.

How It Works

Our Image Optimization Miami professionals will ensure that all the proper SEO tools for image optimization are used to drive in the targeted traffic. We utilize different techniques for Image Optimization Miami such as:

  • Title: This is the additional information provided to describe the photo, it must be catchy and concise. You must avoid describing an image in such a generic way, but add a minor description to it.
  • Caption: Allows easier scanning of your website page. People tend to look at the caption after glancing at the photo and before looking at the content.
  • Alt Tags: This is the alternative information that is provided for those who are visually impaired or chose to disable their images. When the image is disable, the alt tag text will appear to describe the photo. This information source must be kept short and relevant.
  • Description: This doesn’t really affect your search engine optimization (SEO), it’s optional to fill it out.
  • Image Size: Keep the image size as small as possible as long as the quality is not affected, this will help increase the loading speed of your website. People will become impatient if your image does not load quick which is why the faster your website loads, the less bounce rate you will have on your page.
  • File Name: To maximize the Google Ranking, it’s important to change the file name to the keyword to provide a description of the image.
  • Picture Relevancy: Make sure that your photos are relevant to your brand, your business, and what you are trying to sell. If your picture is irrelevant then people will become confused as to what you’re promoting.


Striving for a Higher SEO Ranking

You can trust our Image Optimization Miami to ensure your website images are increasing the ranking of SEO. We will provide your images with all the necessary information that is relevant to bring and keep visitors interest in your business. As professionals of Image Optimization Miami, we will also use our expertise to put our focus on making sure the images are being described to promote your brand.

Our Image Optimization Miami professionals focus on optimizing images to ensure maximum benefit for your business through your company’s website. Call today at (786) 462 – 8324 or click here to all the services we offer.

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