Don’t Regret Not Having a Website Back-Up After the Fact. Act Now!

Business Computer Backup

Many individuals are constantly upgrading and backing up their phones and personal computers to avoid the loss of any data, but often forget to back up their websites as well. Once your website is exposed to the internet, it is exposed to many harmful viruses and malware that can completely wipe your site clean. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes to take action! By teaming up with Miami SEO and Web for  Business Computer Backup, you will ensure that your website is protected and safe at all times.

If you choose not to backup your website, you are exposing yourself to many dangers. If you run a website that has lots of content and none of that wording is saved, it can be lost forever and all those countless hours of work and research will have been for nothing. In the case that you work with sensitive information that may include other individuals outside of your company, you are risking having all of that material to the public or losing the documents forever.

Web Maintenance Plans

Miami SEO and Web offers Business Computer Backup to notify you when your website goes down. The notification can be done via cell phone, email, or text. If you are to receive an alert such as this, the best scenario is to have a backup plan already in place. As you receive a website downtime notification, it is already far too late to think of building up a plan.

Most web hosting servers go down at some point. The concern is reducing the amount of time for which your website stays on to be not available to the public. Backup hosting is the ideal solution in such scenario. This indicates that you will host a duplicate of your site on a different server or with another hosting company. When your main account is down, you will be redirected to your secondary host. Thus, when your website monitoring service sends you a notification, your site stays down until it is redirected. Then you will not be forced to wait until the main host lastly gets the server running again.

Web Page Management Services

Take your business to the next level with Miami SEO and Web and our effective digital marketing services. For more information on our Business Computer Backup, or for a free consultation, call us today at (786) 462-8324 or click here to schedule an appointment!

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