Your Small Business Will Not Succeed Without These 5 Things

Web Design in Miami

Successful Web Design Strategies to Help Your Small Business Succeed

Let’s face it, the internet boasts a staggering amount of truly dreadful websites. This goes beyond merely poor aesthetics with numerous other facets that contribute to a customer-friendly, successful small business site.

However, what should a good small business website look like? What key components does the ideal site impart? This is a challenging question for many small business owners that often decide that a proper site is just too much work.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry, our team from GOA-TECH wants to share some of our knowledge on what works in small business websites. Let us explain our essential web design in Miami components that can help you easily decide what your small business site should contain.

Clearly Defined Brand Profiling

Defining a business through their website shouldn’t require a private investigator. After all, a properly run business wants to put themselves out there and share what they’re all about. In simpler terms, this means outlining your business name while summarizing the products and services you offer right there on the homepage.

Simplified, Easy to Remember Web Address

Keep it simple, stupid. An effective domain name is an often overlooked contributor to a well-established brand. The domain should be an easy one to remember, as well as type into a web browser. Even choosing a .com, .org, or .gov extension can impact the way users think about your brand.

Our team at GOA-TECH recommends selecting .com for most websites. Users will attribute .org with nonprofit organizations and .gov with government resources and organizations of course. Nonetheless, nonprofits may also utilize both a .org and .com address as a part of their web design in Miami, just in case a user employs the .com extension by accident.

Accessible Contact Information

It may come as a surprise that a staggering amount of small businesses neglect to provide precise contact details as a part of their web design in Miami. You don’t want to lose out on potential customers to your competitors because they couldn’t find a way to get in touch with your company.

Ideal contact information should include the name of your business, the address of the business’s physical location, as well as a telephone number. Beyond this, you should always mention a contact email address and social media accounts on the website as well. This information will enable your customers to reach out quickly while also identifying your company as a legitimate business.

Basic SEO

You should always think about your SEO strategy from the get-go of your web design in Miami. While designing your site, you must follow some SEO best practices from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, many small business website designers don’t wield a comprehensive or clear grasp of search engine optimization. Ignoring SEO in the modern marketing era will likely detriment your business’s growth long-term.

Selecting the right targeted keywords/phrases for your brand, as well as choosing an SEO optimized URL, correctly naming Meta tags, and structuring site pages remain crucial SEO aspects that designers must address.

Fresh, Quality Content Creation

Your website will likely represent the very first impression that you instill with potential (and existing) consumers. Your business will want to offer these users what they are searching for, hopefully providing them with reasons to come back.

Fresh content is vital to SEO. Keeping your content from getting stale by posting new and consistent content through a regularly-updated blog or connecting social media feeds is a great way to ensure that everything is on the up-and-up concerning content creation and as a result, your company’s web design in Miami.

Web Design in Miami

Web Design in Miami from GOA-TECH

Just possessing an online presence is not enough in the digital marketing age. A website today is more than simply an extension of a brand. It is the brand. Ensuring that you keep your first-time and returning customers engaged through an online platform will turn them into loyal, lifelong customers, as well as brand advocated.

To learn more about web design in Miami from GOA-TECH, contact our web design, digital marketing, and advertising firm today!

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