Why Understanding Search Intent is So Critical to Your Business

search intent marketing

How to Utilize Search Intent Marketing to Power Your Advertising

Our favorite part about digital marketing is that it remains ever-changing and evolutionary. With many new options and methods test, our team at GOA-TECH is consistently trying out new methods to uncover and implement the best social advertising tactics. When you combine search intent data from Google Analytics with targeted advertising, you can develop a campaign with significant potential.

Our team wants to help by sharing some information on search intent marketing as well as how you can begin using it. While many companies still employ traditional marketing methods in a vacuum, yours can obtain a cutting edge utilizing every piece of information at your disposal.

Research Popular Search Terms

Any successful digital marketing campaign will involve some reliance on Google Analytics. You can discover what search terms people use to discover the content you place on your website. These tools will help you determine the specific content that brings in readers to your site. It will also define what people search for on your site itself.

Although that may not serve as a mind-blowing revelation, this information remains valuable to cater to your message and content delivery to your targeted demographics.

Using Search Intent

When you finish your research, you can begin executing on the information you discover. This information will show you how people find your site using popular search engines including Google or Bing. Once you determine how they find your site using these browsers, as well as the information they seek through your internal search, you can tailor your information.

This will transform both your targeted advertising and creative content. When you possess the data you need from these tools, this demonstrates why individuals seek out your provisions, information, and services. As a result, you can match your content for contextual relevance.

However, search query information may not match up exactly. Nonetheless, you can likely cater to your content close enough to mitigate any potential problems. For example, you run a skydiving company and your users frequently search for “skydiving lessons”. You can target these individuals through interest and behavior data. This information is related to adventure or thrill-seeking, skydiving, and other similar activities.

You may also discover that many searches will include the words “near me.” People will use this term to find brands or services near their location. As you discover this data, you can consider adding in local and regional messaging to your advertising and content. This extra step in context addition will go a long way to a comprehensive search intent marketing campaign.

Search Intent Marketing with GOA-TECH

When you can reach a space where search intent marketing and social advertising come together, your creative campaign will demonstrate significant contextual relevance. For most companies, this represents comprehensive advertising tactics in the digital age, making an impact on their brand.

Our team is a digital marketing firm based in the South Florida area. We can help clients utilize search intent marketing to take their advertising to the next level. Many clients still implement classic advertising techniques to reach their audience. However, these methods are hardly useful in today’s digital, Internet-based environment.

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