Why Is Your Computer So Slow?

IT services in Miami

Is Your Computer Running Slow? Our IT Services in Miami Will Speed it Up!

We’re in the midst of the holiday season, and everyone is pushing harder than ever to make it into 2019. However, as you race through your year-end tasks, you may begin to notice that your computer isn’t up to the task.

A slow, sluggish desktop or laptop is more common than you might think. Unless your computer is brand new, you’re probably working on one right now. However, this sluggishness can occur simply due to normal use. This includes running programs, browsing the web, and filling up your storage space.

Your friends from GOA-TECH want to help by offering some information on some common reasons your computer might start dragging. The following may help you pin down precisely why your computer is missing its former punch. Utilizing our comprehensive IT services in Miami, we can also help your desktop or laptop keep up the pace with your work ethic!

Maxed Out Storage or Memory

Many of our clients express surprise discovering that their performance will start suffering long before their hard drive or memory is 100% tapped. Even at 75% capacity, you may begin to notice that your computer’s productivity and efficacy slow to a crawl.

We find that the primary culprits taking up unnecessary space reflect application update files, as well as temporary files. Nevertheless, this is a double-edged sword as a number of these files remain important to utilize industry-specific programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

The GOA-TECH team can utilize our IT services in Miami to help you navigate changes you need to make both safely and securely. You might also require an upgrade to your hard drive or RAM. We can offer our services for installation and implementation to ensure continued success!

Overloaded With Unnecessary Software Updates

Many programs or applications will ship pre-installed on your computer. Designers might additionally activate “automatic updates” right out of the box. This isn’t inherently a bad thing. However, these can use up valuable hard drive space that could interfere with your typical tasks.

Our IT services implement a proactive maintenance and monitoring program to help you keep your computer running 24/7. We will handle your updates and patches for you, deploying upgrades at times when your business remains unaffected.

Virus or Malware Infection

A computer virus or malware attack may reveal itself immediately through encrypting your files or demanding a ransom. However, some continue working behind the scenes as they collect vital information. This could include your usernames, passwords, or financial information.

Never entrust your business’ critical information to free software protection provisions. Online security is a complicated endeavor as the threats constantly change and evolve. For this reason, a company providing IT services in Miami like GOA-TECH remains crucial to stay ahead of more basic security protection.

IT Services in Miami | GOA-TECH

Businesses of any size require a trusted IT professional by their side. When your computer starts running slow, you can rely on GOA-TECH to offer IT services in Miami to suit your needs.

For more information or assistance with an issue, please contact our company today to learn more about how we can help you.

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