What Makes a Great Real Estate Marketing Agency in 2022?

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Increase Sales with a Real Estate Marketing Agency in 2022

2020 was a challenging year for many marketing industries, and real estate was no exception. We looked at 2021 with renewed hope and an increase in success. We now carry this positivity in 2022, the year many real estate professionals have been waiting for. However, it remains important to strategize for success. You just might need a real estate marketing agency to get things off on the right foot.

For most marketers, 2022 is the year for marketing innovation and to disrupt things in the real estate industry with new and exciting ideas. Nonetheless, all real estate professionals should embrace digital transformation and innovation to help them navigate a changing environment.

A Rising Trend Continues | Intervention from AI

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing continues to gain steam. Real estate professionals that refuse to take advantage of AI in their marketing strategies miss out on benefits like keyword and phrase suggestions to improve organic searches. Some additional benefits of artificial intelligence with a real estate marketing agency include:

  • Automated Online Traffic Reporting
  • Projections of Users’ Anticipated Future Interests/Purchases

Businesses that automate at least some of their digital marketing initiatives can experience a reasonable ROI increase in as little as a year.

Transitioning to Online Events

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught the marketing industry anything, it’s that online events like webinars provide a great opportunity to communicate with audiences directly while gathering crucial information about a user base.

Online events from a real estate marketing agency remain more about creating long-term engagement with clients and potential customers than generating a short-term response.

Consumers can gain valuable information from brand events, referring back to the business when they think about making a purchase in the future.

A Tried and True Method | Focusing on Customer Service

The digital ecosystem is always evolving despite consumers feeling more selective regarding what they consume. As a result, user expectations maintain high expectations for their brand interactions.

In modern marketing, we’re all witness to notable shifts in the perceptions of what users think marketing is and should be. Today, it’s no longer necessary to persuade users to buy or work with a company. Instead, a real estate marketing agency can work to create exemplary customer experiences that help to keep users coming back for more.

Modern Marketing with Video

Video marketing is easier than ever and remains over 50% more likely to earn a first-page SERP on Google than other SEO implementations. Using videos offers real estate marketers the opportunity to connect directly with consumers, providing insight and translucency that often leads consumers to make online purchases.

Personalized Services

One of the most effective ways that any marketer can attract clients is by customizing digital marketing to their specific wants and needs. A real estate marketing agency can depend on hard data to uncover what interests a user base and how to resolve their inquiries.

From content to design and service recommendations as well as everything in between, modern technology like AI and enhanced data enable marketers to hyper-personalize effortless and straightforward marketing initiatives.

Early-2022 Checkup with our Real Estate Marketing Agency | GOA-TECH

If you haven’t yet started planning out your 2022 real estate marketing strategy, you’re already far behind the competition. The good news is that it’s never too late to start.

Although we remain witness to the constant change in modern digital marketing trends, a real estate marketing agency like GOA-TECH is the ideal solution to comprehensively understand what your user base wants and needs while delivering it to them with constant communication and success in the real estate business.

To learn more about how our real estate marketing agency can help you, reach out to GOA-TECH today and follow along with our blog posts for more information and updates.


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