The Final Verdict: Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Firm’s Marketing Strategy

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Today, video marketing is at an all-time high, and it’s not just for big brands and corporations. Businesses of all sizes utilize video to create engaging content on Instagram stories, in the middle of YouTube videos, and even on the sidebar while visiting your favorite website. 

But traditional businesses aren’t the only ones who can see growth in their client base from video marketing. Video marketing for lawyers can be incredibly beneficial to your firm. Here’s why your competitors in the legal industry are making commercials.

The Best Way to Reach New Clients

According to the 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, U.S. adults spent almost 6 hours per day on average watching video. This included both live and time-shifted TV, watching videos in an app or mobile website on a smartphone or tablet, watching video on a game console or internet device such as Roku, and watching videos on a computer.

Your potential clients are spending more and more time watching videos on the Internet and programs on TV each year, so why not reach them where they’re at? As a law firm, you already know key information about your clients—how old they are, their income, where they live, why they need your services, perhaps even their interests and hobbies. This is your ticket to reaching potential clients online because you can showcase your commercials and other videos to the demographics who most likely seek your legal services.

Our marketing team at GOA-TECH can easily target potential clients with your ads and video marketing material to give you the best leads possible and keep your firm thriving.

A Way to Get Personal

Another reason lawyers are utilizing video marketing more and more today is that they recognize how faceless most law firms can feel to the general public. When you put a face to your business and get personal, customers will feel like they know you and can trust you—they’ll choose your business over a competing brand. The same concept goes for law firms, so don’t be afraid to get on camera and show yourself and your firm.

Getting personal is especially important for your social media presence as a law firm, and video marketing goes hand in hand with social media marketing. While stock images and video in marketing materials are common and sometimes necessary, your audience can tell it’s not you. We recommend:

  • Photos of your office, such as the reception area
  • Photos of staff and clients together, if clients feel comfortable
  • Videos from staff, such as Q&As, educational videos, etc.
  • Photos and videos of success stories to emotionally engage clients

There’s several different types of video content that you can post on social media or utilize as commercials on TV or on websites.

Video Marketing for Lawyers

So, what types of videos should law firms commit to for their marketing campaigns? You can produce specific videos depending on which legal services you provide and which demographic you’re targeting, but here are a couple we recommend for all law firms.

Promotional Videos

What legal services and solutions does your law firm provide to clients? Promote them with a video!

Promotional videos are often good for:

  • Telling your clients about your services how you can help them regain control of a particular situation in their life through litigation
  • Promoting a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event.

They are similar in style and tone to a teaser video, where the goal is grabbing the audience’s attention to draw them in to learn more.

Testimonial Videos

We’re all influenced by the opinions and actions of others. When prospects hear from other clients who hired your firm for litigation and loved you, potential clients are more likely to do the same.

Video testimonials offer another level of rapport beyond text testimonials and online reviews. These testimonials can be almost as influential as word-of-mouth from friends or relatives because the testimonial is coming from a real person that clients can see and hear. 

Testimonial videos are more authentic and more believable. Our video marketing services can help you make clients feel more comfortable on camera.

Our team of videographer and marketers are here to strategize, film, edit, and help you determine the best way to distribute your video marketing content. Give us a call today!


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