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Running Your First Instagram Marketing Campaign

Thinking about running an Instagram marketing campaign? Unsure where to begin? Your friends from GOA-TECH is the right place to start. We want to help you learn more about utilizing Instagram business insights to your advantage.

An Instagram marketing campaign represents an excellent way to develop and propagate your brand awareness. However it can also help grow your social following, and as a result, drive more sales! Also, implementing a campaign using our Instagram business insights is super easy! All it takes is a bit of planning with a dash of creativity. With this preparation, you can implement your own Instagram campaign in no time!

An Instagram Marketing Campaign Guide

Over the last few years, Instagram has evolved from a photo-oriented social media medium into one of the best methods that enable businesses to reach and acquire new customers. One of the best ways to take advantage of the platform’s transformation is by running your very own Instagram campaign.

An impressive number of businesses take advantage of Instagram business insights to run contests, host giveaways, engage in hashtag campaigns, and so much more. From setting realistic goals to deciding on a campaign hashtag, GOA-TECH’s Instagram marketing campaign guide can help you run your first campaign successfully.

Analyze your Audience Engagement

Posts that boast high engagement generally perform better in the Instagram algorithm. When your business makes a post and receives good feedback, this signals the algorithm that your post represents quality content. For this reason, your brand can appear higher in people’s Instagram feed.

However, it isn’t always about how much engagement your post receives. In many cases, Instagram algorithms also analyze how quickly your post receives feedback. This includes incorporating clever Instagram business insights to cultivate clever hashtags and captions to rank under the platform’s “top posts” section.


If the Instagram algorithm only focused on engagement, almost everyone on the platform would observe the same content. The good news is the content “genre” or type factors into what content readers see on their feed.

When Instagram determines that readers like a particular content type, it does its best to display similar content that they think the reader will find interesting. For this reason, it is essential that you define your targeted audience and employ comprehensive Instagram business insights to create the best possible campaign. As a result, your brand will appear on more and more feeds concerning your targeted demographics.

Instagram Business Insights with GOA-TECH

The first step to starting on your Instagram marketing campaign is establishing how and why you want to use the platform. Once you determine this, you can then think about who you want to target. Both of these steps involve getting creative with your Instagram business insights before putting these ideas into action.

As Instagram continues evolving as a marketing platform, its more important than ever for businesses to install effective marketing strategies. This means wielding a thorough understanding of the medium, as well as measurable Instagram business insights into what might prove effective, as well as what won’t.

Your business has so much to gain from cultivating a robust presence on Instagram. This might mean growing an already engaged community, reaching new audiences, or evening selling and advertising your provisions. Fortunately, this takes some moderate effort!

GOA-TECH wields the necessary knowledge and experience to help you take your company to the next level on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, as well as throughout the web. For more information on what we can offer you, contact our dedicated team today!

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