This is How to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm in 2019

Instagram Algorithm in 2019

Surviving the Instagram Algorithm in 2019

Despite now being almost a quarter of the way through 2019, our team at GOA-TECH needs to take a moment to discuss the Instagram algorithm. A substantial amount of modern marketing brands experienced notable strife as a result of the 2018 Facebook algorithm updates.

Unfortunately, this update resulted in many of these companies taking a nosedive in terms of their outreach. Similarly, many companies are also noticing that their Instagram content simply isn’t scoring the same way concerning engagement as it once did. As a result, many brands wonder what the deal is with the Instagram algorithm in 2019.

The GOA-TECH team has these answers, and are taking the necessary time to outline the current state of the Instagram algorithm in 2019. We can also offer you some strategic initiatives. These will help you optimize your organic reach as Instagram’s algorithm continues evolving as time goes on.

The Changes in the Instagram Algorithm in 2019

To best understand where the Instagram algorithm resides today, we must turn the calendar back to 2016. This is the year that Instagram announced that user feeds would prioritize specific moments they care about. In many ways, this moment signaled the end of the days of yore, i.e., categorizing feeds in reverse chronological order.

Fast forward back to the present day (sort of), in 2019. Instagram began stating that the first content on user feed was now primarily based on their activity. While this left many brands with numerous questions about how to appropriately maximize their engagement, the simple answer is devising a content strategy that works with the Instagram algorithm instead of against it.

Below, our GOA-TECH team outlined some of the best tactics to employ if you want to streamline, as well as optimize your content for targeted demographics. Based on what we know about the Instagram algorithm in 2019, the following works to guarantee that more users can see your content.

Post Premium Photos and Video

If you want the best possible chance to grow your account while beating the Instagram algorithm, it remains as essential as ever to post every day. However, the most-liked and shared provisions on the platform is often that which imparts a visually-striking aesthetic.

Ranking higher on follower feeds goes hand-in-hand with producing truly original, great content. This seems like a bit of a no-brainer. It is essential to consider that “great content” remains a subjective opinion to individual users. If your brand is already posting truly rich content, it is already ahead of the curve. If not, it may be time to produce some professional visuals here and there.

Nothing like a Good Live Show!

Like Instagram Stories, live video on the platform offers no specific bearing on the Instagram algorithm in 2019. However, the Instagram Live feature can provide notifications to followers and place your brand atop your followers’ Instagram Stories feeds.

Our favorite part about live video is that Instagram Live almost encourages simple and “off-the-cuff” productions. This offers your company less pressure for professional and polished content. Instead, this tool casts professionalism aside for exploration and insight into a realistic view of your brand and its provisions.

Run Promotions

On Instagram in 2019, you will likely discover that contents and giveaways remain amongst the most popular and engaging. It doesn’t matter if this means sharing a new hashtag or cultivating some user-provided content. Contests and giveaways can help you drive engagement to your brand profile in 2019 and beyond!

Instagram Algorithm in 2019

Take on the Instagram Algorithm in 2019 with the GOA-Tech Team

Don’t think about the Instagram algorithm in 2019 as a question mark. Ensure that the massive update works for you, using its numerous tools to engage your customers in the face of the evolving platform.

By utilizing Instagram in your favor, you can ensure that you consistently produce fresh, timely content that can encourage engagement with your brand. Tackle these new challenges head-on as opposed to shying away from the new rules the algorithm provides.

For more information on the Instagram algorithm in 2019, contact our comprehensive advertising, digital marketing, IT, and web design firm at GOA-Tech today!

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