These Hashtags are Banned. Stop Using Them.

Shadow Banning

Using Banned Hashtags can lead to Instagram Shadow Banning

While trying to grow your following or brand on Instagram, you will depend on hashtags to grow your reader engagement, overall audience, and reach. Unfortunately, it can feel disheartening to discover that your content simply isn’t showing up anywhere.

Banned hashtags, as well as shadow banning,  represent two trending topics that remain important when planning out content. Accidentally including a banned hashtag in your post may result in you missing out on potential engagement. This can additionally lead to lost awareness regarding your brand, as well as even shadow banning by Instagram itself.

If you previously used banned hashtags, your account could already be shadowbanned, and you may not even know it. This is the act of blocking a user’s content on Instagram in a way that the user remains entirely unaware of what is happening. Shadow banning makes the account’s content not appear on anyone’s feed unless they already follow them.

Nonetheless, before jumping to conclusions, GOA-TECH want to break down some information concerning the mysterious issue of shadow banning while addressing Instagram banned hashtags.

Is Your Account Shadow Banned?

An easy trick to determine if Instagram has shadow banned your account is posting an image with an uncommon hashtag. Then, you can ask users that do not follow your account to search for this hashtag. If none of these people see your post under the hashtag on Instagram, your account is likely a victim of shadow banning.

However, if one or two of these accounts can see the post, you may simply be experiencing a drop in your engagement. Nevertheless, if Instagram is shadow banning your account, the GOA-TECH Team can provide you with a solution.

How to Fix a Shadow Banning

Some of the leading causes of shadow banning is utilizing bots and automated “growth tools,” in addition to frequently broken hashtags, and many negative reports about your account. Instagram almost automatically assumes the account is posing inappropriate content, or in violation of their terms of service.

To repair these issues and return your account to normal, stop using bots or any other automated services. Ensure that you look under the “Edit Profile” section before entering the “Authorized Applications” area. Here, you can revoke access from your account.

GOA-TECH additionally recommends taking a look at this list of banned hashtags from socialinsider for 2018. Looking over the list, make sure to remove any broken or banned hashtags from your content.

As you move forward implementing content to establish your brand, you need to remain selective, as well as careful with the hashtags that you choose. When in doubt, you can always return to the banned list.

Helping You Counteract Instagram Shadow Banning – GOA-TECH

More important than anything else, when it comes to posting content for reader engagement and brand establishment, it remains critical to post helpful, authentic content. While this method takes a bit longer, your business will benefit in the long run. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when you can do this and avoid Instagram shadow banning.

Our team from GOA-TECH is a comprehensive web design and marketing company based in the South Florida area. We can help you design and implement a foolproof strategy to ensure you engage optimally with your targeted demographics and audiences. For more information on how we can help with your campaign development, as well as Instagram shadow banning, contact us today!


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