These Blogging Tips Are Uncommon But They Work!

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An Uncommon Approach to Blogging for Your Business

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago when a blog was specifically reserved for nerdy niches and introverts sharing their feelings on Xanga or LiveJournal. Fortunately, for small businesses, these days are long gone. Blog content marketing for a business is now a staple of virtually any effective strategy.

A business blog is an essential marketing facet in the modern age. If your business hasn’t yet adopted this practice, you may discover that you remain at a serious disadvantage versus competitors. Luckily, it’s never too late to get started. Our team from GOA-TECH wants to help by sharing some of our unconventional but effective blog content marketing tips!

Publish Multiple Times per Week

Any online marketer will tell you that cultivating a loyal customer base begins and ends with a visit to their website. By frequently blogging fresh and relevant content, you can work towards solving problems and relating to your customers. However, this additionally produces more pages for search engines to index.

Original content that involves targeted keywords/phrases can drive new traffic, in addition, to return traffic from subscribers. Publishing regularly remains essential to your blog content marketing success.

Long-Form Blog Posts

Although our last entry outlined the importance of regular posts, don’t rely on short posts to draw in readers. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with short posts. Nevertheless, providing readers with long-form, comprehensive literature will double as both a blog content marketing tool, in addition to helping your pages rank higher with search engines.

Take the necessary time to develop your content as an in-depth resource that may answer questions, serve as an informative guide, or solve specific problems. You can additionally utilize long-form content as an outline for content via other mediums.

Think about it this way, cultivating a stout, long-form piece may serve doubly as a script for video content down the road. You can also use segments of the larger piece for social media updates or data for creative graphics.

Be Creative

Your blog post titles should deliver some information capturing what your article is about. Nonetheless, a title should catch the attention of your targeted audience. Think about what your potential viewers might type into a search engine to discover what you write about. You wrote a compelling piece, but looking at the title, would you want to read it after uncovering the title in a search engine?

Think about your business, as well as your targeted audience. Focus on writing topics that will interest them. This might also involve sharing some unique information you possess, or insights into your business industry. Promote your company culture as well to help viewers learn more about what you offer on a personable level.

The best way to begin blog content marketing is to cover topics that you understand, and that your targeted audience will appreciate. There is also nothing wrong with researching competitors in your industry to see how they might engage their customers.

Blog Content Marketing with GOA-TECH

Creating and running a blog for your business begins with research, planning, and consistently executing your ideas. While this may not always go as planned, with the versatility and flexibility that blog content marketing provides, you can use a blog as your most powerful advertising tool.

GOA-TECH is a comprehensive IT, web design, advertising, and digital marketing firm that focuses on helping take clients’ businesses to the next level. We want to help you get the most out of your blog content marketing. To learn more, contact our dedicated specialists today!

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