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Social Media Marketing

Strategize Your Social Media Marketing

In a day and age where you can get free things just by utilizing your social media presence, it truly feels like anything is possible. You may think that the only people who can obtain influencer status on social media are people with some secret magic code, but it’s not true! Unless of course, that secret magic code is a social media marketing plan, which is something anyone can learn! Here at GOA-TECH, we offer consultations on how to better establish your presence on social media, so that you too can get free things from your posts!

Know Your Target Audience

The best way to connect with users is to know who those users are and what it is they are looking for when they come to your page. Most social media influencers have a niche when it comes to their self-branding, and they tend to stick to what works for them to generate more traffic. Do some searching and reflecting on finding out what it is exactly that your page can offer them that others cannot. What makes your presence unique? Why would users want to come back to your page? If you can’t answer these questions yourself as the brand ambassador, how can you expect consumers to know the answer? GOA-TECH can help you optimize a Social Media Marketing strategy to make sure that your targeted audience is not only seeing your content but valuing it enough to come back for more!

Utilize Best Practices for SEO Strategies

The copy that accompanies your social media content is critical in playing a hand in your SEO strategy. Once you have discovered who and what your target audience consists of, you want to make sure that you are implementing Social Media Marketing that appropriately uses the best keywords for your content. This goes for everything and anything text-related on your social media posts including but not limited to, URLs, internal links, alt text for images, hashtags, tags, and captions. You can also up your game by making sure to follow like-minded people and pages. Find out what’s trending and see if you can contribute to the conversation with what your page has to offer!

Be Consistent

Consistency is everything when it comes to Social Media Marketing. From everything to the overall message, the carefully chosen keywords, to the aesthetic of the graphics and color palette; you want to make sure that your users have the reliability factor when they return to your profile! This is the best way to ensure that your page gains enough traffic for you to reap the benefits of getting free stuff!

The more engagement your page has, the more likely you are to be used by a brand for promotional reasons! It all comes down to how effective your Social Media Marketing is. At GOA-TECH we know that it is possible to take your social media following and engagement to the next level, which could pay off big time for you in the form of free stuff! Let your brand be a voice for others and contribute to the consumerist conversation that is continually happening online. Learn more about the benefits of strategizing your Social Media Marketing for your business by calling us today at (786)462-8324 or click here to schedule a free SEO analysis!

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