Improving Your SERP Ranking Is Key If You Want to Succeed, Here’s How

SERP Page Rank

What is a SERP Page Rank?

A SERP Page Rank refers to the Search Engine Results Page; put simply, the long list of links that appear when you google search something. With Google changing its search engine algorithm daily, sometimes even multiple times per day, it is crucial for your website’s visibility to track and improve SERP Page Rank as often as possible. Don’t know how to? No worries! GOA-TECH is here to lay out all of the ins and outs of SERP.

The reason having a high SERP Page Rank is so important is because that is the result that will receive a grand majority of the clicks and site visits, about 95% of them to give an estimate. The following results will then earn less than 5% article clicks, and that’s split amongst themselves. However, even being second is better than nothing because statistics have shown that naturally, the number of site visits decreases depending on how far down the SERP page they are. Clearly, not everyone can be number one, but luckily you can take some steps to bump your site to the top of the SERP page.

How do you improve your SERP Page Rank?

The first thing to do when trying to improve your SERP Page Rank is to assess where you stand. You can check your SERP rating on whatsmyserp.com by simply typing in your SEO keyword and your site URL. Not only will this site show you your ranking, but it will also break down other analytics as well. For example, you can find which site page of yours comes up first when a specific search is done for a topic.

The next thing to know is that site speed is a huge component of a SERP Page Ranking. Adding even as little as two seconds to your site’s search time will drastically affect your SERP Page Rank. At that point, no matter how well you have placed your keyword in the meta description, URL, or content of your article, your chances of a higher ranking go down. Do not make the mistake of overlooking your site speed! This goes not only for the page’s search time but also for how long it takes for your site to load. Your amazing content won’t even have a chance if it doesn’t get seen!

Another thing to be sure of is that your site is mobile-friendly. It has been shown that mobile-friendly sites have a much greater SERP especially if the said site is not only mobile friendly but user-friendly as well. SEO Strategies will take you part of the way, but ensuring that your site is one that people want to stay on will be what drives continuing traffic.

Improve Your SERP Page Rank | GOA-TECH

Improving your SEO Strategies and keyword placement will also be beneficial to your SERP Page Rank! Thankfully, all of us at GOA-TECH can help you with that. At GOA-TECH, we know that there is a lot of information on how to climb in Google rankings and how to utilize SEO best practices. Watch your website climb the SERP page rankings and get your content seen by calling us today at (786) 462- 8324 to schedule a free SEO analysis!

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