3 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Organic Search Traffic

SEO Tips For Mobile

Improve Your Organic Search Traffic with these SEO Tips for Mobile

In 2019, access to the internet is just in the palm of your hand. Our mobile devices and tablets give us access to the world with just one click of a button. Suddenly, all of the world’s known information is at our fingertips. As a small business owner, the best way to utilize such power is to have a well-running website, especially on mobile. Mobile searches on Google outweigh desktop by 28 billion which means more people are using their tiny hand-held computers to search for information daily. With these SEO Tips For Mobile,  you can be well on your way to not only landing on the first page of Google but providing a user-friendly mobile experience for your customers.

What is organic search traffic?

The first question you may have is what exactly is organic search traffic. Organic traffic refers to visitors that stroll upon your site after searching a specific keyword. These visitors are considered organic because they didn’t land on your website from clicking an advertisement or a paid search result, but because you ranked on the first page of a search engine. This happens primarily because of strong SEO tactics.

Here are three SEO Tips For Mobile that will help you boost your mobile organic search traffic:

Create a responsive design

When designing your website, it’s vital to keep your mobile site in mind as well. Whether you’re using Squarespace or WordPress, designing a mobile layout will boost your ranking. If you’re like most, designing two different layouts is not ideal. The best way to combat this by creating a responsive design.

Responsive design is coding within your website that allows your webpage to transform to whichever device your customer is using. For example, not every iPhone screen is the same size. The iPhone X is much longer than an iPhone 6, thus creating variations in web pages. By having a responsive design, your webpage generally looks the same on all devices. This design is ideal to have for tablets as well. Tables vary in size, but your website shouldn’t. Your responsive design allows headers, text, sidebar, and menus to be visible at all times, making the visitor’s experience satisfactory.

Make sure the website loads fast

In 2019, there is no time to tolerate anything slow. Your food is fast, your wifi is fast, and you should expect your website to load fast. Regardless of the service provider or strength of WiFi, your website should load at a reasonable time. If your website takes an extremely long time to load, you will not only deter customers as they will become impatient but lower your ranking on Google. Google not only takes into consideration the content you’re providing but how long it takes for it to become available.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to speed up your website:

  • Compress your files, making them smaller and easier to load
  • Reduce any External HTTP requests
  • Enable Prefetching
  • Cache, Cache, Cache
  • Optimize CSS Performance
  • Use adaptive images

Small headers & readable text

The last thing you want to bombard your potential customers with is unreadable text after it took forever for your website to load and they had to turn the screen sideways for the content to become in frame. Text color matters. Trust us, there’s nothing more pleasing than funky colors and unique fonts, but when your customers can not read your website, it becomes problematic. Utilizing light background and dark text is key to a readable website. When choosing your headers, it is also useful to keep them small and to the point. As a header, it’s purpose is to give the reader a visual to the content below, not overshadow or replace it. By keeping headers small, you not only minimize scrolling but also boost load time.

In all, your mobile device is used for ay more than taking selfies and updating your Twitter timeline. Your device holds the key to the vast world of information and potential customers waiting to enjoy a modern website. By keeping your headers small, using a responsive design, and by showing off a record-breaking load time, you’re destined to rank on the first page of Google. For more SEO Tips For Mobile or to get started on an SEO package with GOA-TECH, feel free to contact us.

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