The Cheapest Way to Get Your Small Business Online

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Small businesses have gone through a lot the past couple of years. From COVID-19 shutdowns to supply shortages to skyrocketing inflation, businesses are looking for ways to cut corners and spend less—understandably so. In the 21st century, your online presence is everything for your business, so what’s the cheapest way to do that?

For customers to find you easily, you need to take your business online. SEO is one of the most effective ways to do that, as it helps you rank higher in search results than your competitors. But even if you rank the highest, your brand needs to stand out among the rest.

Get Your Brand Right the First Time

While it may be true that the “cheapest” way to get your small business online is to use the absolute lowest-priced companies to design your logo, DIY your website from a generic, online template, and copy other content from competing businesses’ sites, this will more likely than not lead you to do a complete rebranding in the future anyway.

These strategies are no way to take your small business online, as they only lead to you to spend more money later when you realize your logo doesn’t grab attention, your website looks boring and un-optimized, and your content is unoriginal. When you take the time and resources to invest in your business’s brand and online presence the right way first, you won’t have to spend more money in a year or two to rebrand and revamp your entire website and socials all over again.


A great logo will last your business a lifetime. Have you noticed that most of the major corporations and most successful businesses have kept the same logo for decades? Sure, they’ll touch up the logo every 10 years or so, but the base design remains the same. Think of the Apple logo or the famous McDonald’s “M”. That M hasn’t gone anywhere since 1961, a key part of the iconic McDonald’s brand. It’s experienced minor upgrades and color changes, but as long as McDonald’s is in business, the M will stay.

Our affordable SEO services for small businesses can get more eyes on you, but they won’t stay on for long if you don’t grab their attention with your branding.

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Your logo is one of the most important parts of your brand, so get it right the first time!

To really make an impact with your brand and small business, your logo should be at the heart of your image, your marketing strategy, and your products and services. At GOA-TECH, we pride ourselves in designing a great logo, relaying our client’s message and mission through images and design. In addition to an original, custom logo, our comprehensive graphic design team can create:

  • Facebook banners
  • Business cards
  • Mailers – Letterhead
  • Website Mockups
  • Website Banners
  • Merchandise Artwork
  • Window graphics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • TV slides
  • Backdrops
  • Door hangers


Before social media, a business’ entire online presence was based solely on their website. The importance of your business website still rings true today, and your site shouldn’t be from a generic, online template that thousands of other businesses use.

Your website is usually a customer’s first impression of your business, which is why you want to make sure your site not only looks great but also functions properly. By constructing a user-friendly website that provides all of the needed information to customers, you will boost sales, rank higher on search engines, and have a profile that describes your services and showcases your accomplishments. We don’t just offer web design, we also offer SEO services to fully optimize your website and make sure it actually gets noticed!

At GOA-TECH, we will create a mockup and front-end design plan for your new website and configure the backend, allowing you to get the most use out of your website. While themes are easy to use and get the job done, our team goes the extra step to customize your website to your needs and promote a user-friendly experience.

Social Media

Once your website and logo are done, it’s time to move on to arguably the most intimidating way to get your small business online: Social media. Social media marketing is much more than posting selfies and flyers. Social media not only allows your company to have a digital profile like your site does, but it also enables you to engage with current and potential customers directly through messages and content. With the right amount of creative content, engagement, and analytical research, your social media can be the most useful tool for your business.

At GOA-TECH, our social media specialists will construct a comprehensive plan for your social media to not only grow your profile but attract new business. How you decide to manage your social media profile is vital to your success and customer reach. Like we mentioned before, our graphic design and videography team can create your content for you so that you have high-quality, original content.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO is the glue that holds all of these different online marketing strategies together. Once our GOA-TECH team gets your brand right with a custom logo, custom website, and social media marketing strategy, we’ll help your online growth soar with search engine optimization. We offer affordable SEO services for small businesses, allowing you to take your small business online and to the next level. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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