Quality Over Quantity: How Long and How Often Should Your Posting Be?

SEO Advice for Small Businesses

SEO Advice for Small Businesses

While size does matter, your content quality often matters more. When you write a blog post with search engine optimization in mind, it is important to remember that although your content length is important, this should remain secondary to cultivating a readable, engaging article. To put this simply, focus on how long individuals spend on your post.

Nevertheless, it is additionally important to consider that many people enjoy reading long-form content, should the subject matter necessitate this. In this scenario, if you can regularly hit somewhere between 1,000 – 1,500 words, you will likely see increases in your overall results.

In spite of the increasing popularity (as well as necessity) regarding SEO, many small businesses don’t know where to begin. Your friends from GOA-TECH can help you ensure that you streamline and optimize your posts and posting schedules with our SEO advice for small businesses.

How Often Should I Post?

For many businesses, their blog represents the backbone of their online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, for many of these entities, blog posting doesn’t exactly mimic billboard advertising. Even when they create some excellent content, this doesn’t mean they can sit back and wait for the visitors to roll in.

A business must promote their content, make regular changes, and update, all while adding new, periodic content. Regarding capturing the most traffic, the more posts, the better. The SEO expert consultants over at GOA-TECH recommend posting about 16 times a month as a part of our SEO advice for small businesses. This is essentially once every two days.

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Nonetheless, it is important that no matter how many times you post new content, you ensure that the quality does not suffer. Make sure you keep both Google and your readers happy by publishing the best quality written content you can provide.

South Florida SEO Company | GOA-TECH

On the surface, streamlining and optimizing your content and postings is seemingly easy because you just need to ensure you provide quality content and post regularly. However, in practice, you may discover this poses significantly more difficult.

The GOA-TECH team can help you make articles a core facet of your online marketing strategy. We not only help you get the ball rolling in this avenue, but continue maintaining your postings, while cultivating and implementing new content, and new strategies as well.

Updating your articles and providing your readers (in addition to Google) with new content is crucial if you want to thrive. Despite the basis behind optimizing articles for your small business sounding easy, developing topics and titles for multiple posts every week may offer more frustration than success.

As you divide your attention between your internet marketing campaigning, your small business, as well as daily life, it is only natural that your interest and motivation may wane. This could result in lacking quality or neglecting regular updates.

Our expert team from GOA-TECH can help you by scheduling regular new additions, and take the necessary time to audit and change written content, popular keywords, search engine optimization strategies, and responsive web design. With our provisions, you can sit back and watch your site climb in the Google rankings, and hopefully watch the business trickle in.

For more information on how our company can help you optimize your marketing strategies, get in touch with GOA-TECH for some additional SEO advice for small businesses. We view our clients’ success as our own successes! To learn more about what we can provide, contact our providers today!

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