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The Next Big Social Media Web Development Trends in 2018

The coming of the New Year reflects as a metaphor for pressing the reset button. As we all move on from an extensive period of holiday excess, it is normal that many of us feel refreshed as well as motivated to take on the new challenges that a fresh year brings.

What lies ahead of us is anyone’s best guess. However, many leaders in the social media space demonstrate an eagerness to make things happen.

Concerning social media web development trends and marketing for the New Year, these individuals and entities have made numerous assumptions about what awaits. It is pretty clear that the digital media landscape in 2017 has laid a solid foundation for 2018’s advertising, product marketing, and social media web development trends.

AI Managed Content

With the continuing advancements in artificial intelligence, it seems that everyone in the tech industry is talking about AI. Those that take part in this expanding technology field can play their part in changing the landscape for social media web development trends in 2018.

Developed learning machines will help businesses incur tremendous improvements concerning their social marketing and beyond. This includes everything under the umbrella from email marketing to social networking spaces. AI will likely find its way into every aspect of visual branding.

Activism through Social Media Web Development Trends

2017 saw a massive uptick in the amount of social activism related content. This included many social media-driven causes, as well as political activism.

Many brands demonstrated a “no fear” approach to participating in conversations about potentially polarizing issues. Many of these conversations were once controversial subjects that leading companies avoided commentary on at any cost.

A tense political climate in the United States instilled inspiration in the general populace. Consumers now appreciate when their favorite brands or companies assert their opinions on topical issues. They additionally want to know that the brands they choose to support shares in their ideologies.

Get ready to see an increase in social media web development trends throughout 2018 that displays companies aligning with causes. This will demonstrate their values and beliefs to the world, and pair consumers with them.

Multiplying Indie Brands

Independent brands long represented the pioneers of the social media marketing industry. This includes mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The free marketing that an effective social media marketing campaign provides is an exceptional benefit for indie companies. They often possess resources and liquidity in short supply compared to larger corporations.

These small, modern companies essentially wrote the book on social media marketing. Many grew and grew into the large machinations that they competed against for a share of the marketing pie. Contrarily, many older brands fell behind in these social media web development trends, unable to recognize that consumer responses shifted in the new age.

Social Media Agency Miami | GOA-TECH

The expansive growth of social media in the business industry now permeates every aspect of our lives. This is especially applicable to social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram enable users to receive specific, branded content as they follow companies.

This mobile marketing continued to expand throughout the past year and shows absolutely no sign of slowing. As things change in the landscape, this sets the stage for the future to come. We look forward to the recent social media web development trends in marketing to continue picking up steam in 2018 and beyond.

Do you want to learn more about social media marketing, web trends, and how you can use them to your advantage? Get in touch with our social media agency GOA-TECH today for more information!

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