Less is More… Or is It?

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Deciding on Long-Form or Short-Form Content

This is a question that new clients will regularly discuss with their content writing team. From business owners in essentially any industry or field, they want to know all the search engine optimization tips. This includes the “magic number” regarding appropriate content length. To put it simply, the answer is “long enough.”

400 words are all you need to ensure that your blog post or page gets indexed by Google. However, when you truly want to optimize your content, you have to stand out. Writing enough to build trust, informing target audiences, achieving generous SEO benefits, and positioning your brand in a leadership position remains ideal.

Long-Form vs. Short-Form Content Creation

To decide on the best route for your business, it is essential to start thinking about your marketing objectives. Establishing these goals and ideals will help you adjust your content length accordingly. Your friends from GOA-TECH want to outline some search engine optimization tips and guidelines to help you nail down precisely what you need.

Long-Form Content Remains Most Sensible When:

Companies wielding new products or services without precedent may require longer cope to explain this new offering, as well as how these provisions add value. Long-form also remains ideal for situations where your company is offering provisions at a higher price point.

Your targeted demographic will desire as much information as possible before they finalize a decision. They need to know the ins and outs about your company before making a purchase, or even committing to following your brand.

Long-form content additionally encourages readers to spend more time reading it. As a result, they will stay on the site longer. This also means additional exposure to more of a company’s message and branding.

Short-Form Content is Ideal for:

When a business or company wants to advertise a familiar product to its readers, short-form content around 500 words is the best solution. Due to demographics already possessing familiarity with the offering, the company won’t need to include nearly as much information outlining the offering.

Short-form content also is quick and easy to produce, staking its claims in a content marketing strategy. Short pieces may help maintain a targeted posting frequency, or fill in gaps between long-form entries.

Short and Long-Form Content – GOa-TECH

Although no content type perfectly serves every situation, many people think that long-form content brings increased results. However, these posts should remain high in quality. Long-form, quality articles can offer many benefits that will help your website succeed.

Nonetheless, it is wise to continue producing short-form content as well, mixing up pages and articles is an optimal beginning to the best possible content marketing strategy. For any company large or small, enlisting a design and marketing firm like our team at GOA-TECH can impart many search engine optimization tips for unique, individual business needs.

Our agency focuses on helping companies design, create, enact, and implement content marketing strategies for any product, service, or company needs. We work with a wide variety of clients to ensure we accurately represent their interests while delivering their message. To obtain maximum exposure and readership, this often means providing these customers with the best search engine optimization tips.

For more information on GOA-TECH and what we can provide your company, contact our dedicated, professional team today!

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