It’s Time to Retire These SEO Practices

outdated SEO tactics

Outdated SEO Tactics to Remove Immediately

It’s time to face the music, what worked for SEO in the mid-2000s isn’t as effective anymore. Just like our VCRs and iPod Nanos of the past, SEO and website coding technology have evolved and transformed into something vastly different.

Our team at GOA-TECH wants to review some outdated SEO tactics that you should remove from your website immediately. Hopefully, your web design team has already caught on to the latest and greatest in SEO methods. Nevertheless, we’re sure some of these implementations seemed perfectly normal at the time.

Keyword Stuffed Content

We can’t even tell you how many times we still see this “creative” tactic used on websites today. Keywords are used in white text on a white background, endless, repetitive, nonsensical text hidden in the CSS, and content overstuffed with a keyword or phrase. It’s all bad. If you discover any of these elements on your website, the time is now to remove these outdated SEO tactics immediately!

Blank, Textless Pages

If Google indexing has taught us anything, it is that the internet is essentially a vast, seemingly endless library of information. As you start to provide images or other media on a page with little to no information to assign to these elements, Google will look at these pages as relatively meaningless. Unfortunately, this may drag down an entire website, making your page almost invisible to targeted audiences.

Link-Building, Sharing, Exchanging, Etc.

This was a prevalent SEO method in the past. Unfortunately, many companies still think that link-exchanges represent a viable optimization method. Many of our clients still receive emails containing requests to add a link to the footer of their websites.

It’s important to look at some of the top-indexed pages in your company’s field. You may discover that some websites do not even utilize a links page anymore. Modern Google indexing focuses far more on content links that reference sources of information, as well as related content. You should look at your site and kick these outdated SEO tactics and say “non-follow” to these worthless link exchanges.

Duplicative Content

There was a time when companies would copy content from another website, posting it as their original material. This is one of the worst outdated SEO tactics offenders and plagiarism.  Additionally, don’t copy content on your website and post it on multiple pages.

Google indexing can additionally detect copied content from other sources that content and web design professionals will post after slightly rearranging words. While this content may not match exactly, it still represents essentially the same method and even, plagiarism.

When you cultivate your content, focus on originality, applying the “school rules.”  This means not copying your copy, ever. This method also refers to using H1, H2, H-anything tags of your web pages, product and service descriptions, and any place on the web where your words might appear.

Removing Outdated SEO Tactics with GOA-TECH

As our search engines continue to evolve, they now reflect entities that are becoming more human-like. You should seek to stay ahead of the pack, developing your SEO strategies or tactics with them. If you don’t, your site might end up hidden away from the world forever.

The team from GOA-TECH can help you analyze your current site, ensuring we commit every resource at our disposal to your company’s success. This involves comprehensive strategizing and analysis before designing and implementing a plan that works. For more information on how we can help you, contact our team today!

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