How to Step Up Your Instagram Game in 2019

Instagram marketing tips

Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses in 2019

Instagram remains the darling of business social media marketing, and it is easy to see why. With a user base over 700 million that continues growing each day, Instagram remains an ideal option for increasing engagement.

Proactive business marketing involves seeking optimal methods to increase Instagram engagement despite some potential setbacks we’ve seen on the platform in the past year. This includes the dreaded “Instagram shadowban” as well as the social network’s integration of algorithmic timelines that can negatively impact marketing campaigns.

Businesses need the right Instagram marketing strategy to ensure optimal success. Our team from GOA-TECH wants to help you by outline some of our Instagram marketing tips that could help your business on the platform in the New Year.

Convert Your Instagram Account into a True Business Profile

Many small business owners will utilize their existing Instagram account (or create a new personal account) to advertise their business. However, when you switch your social media account to a business profile, this enables you to create and publish ads. You can additionally access the platform’s analytical tools.

Employ the Instagram “Stories” Feature to Reach a Wider Audience

The second entry on our Instagram marketing tips involves utilizing the Snapchat-like Instagram stories feature. This timeline addition is heavily featured at the top of a user’s timeline as eye-catching, varied content. The stories feature makes it incredibly easy for businesses to engage, test, and understand what your targeted demographic wants.

Monitor Your Instagram Performance with the Best Possible Metrics

To understand if your Instagram marketing strategy is working or not, the next entry on our Instagram marketing tips is tracking your performance using the right metrics. These include follower growth, engagement, and URL click-through rates.

Instagram provides useful tools to track these metrics called Instagram Insights. However, many other social media platforms and third-party sites enable you to measure these beneficial metrics.

Join the AI Revolution

Many social media marketing experts predict that Instagram chatbots could take over the industry in 2019. These smart bots represent a great way to help your brand stay up-to-date while maintaining a responsive relationship with users.

Instagram Posts and Stories Shopping

Instagram now makes it very easy for brands to advertise and sell their products or services through shoppable posts and stories. This feature could serve as a crucial part of your Instagram marketing plan. It can help boost both your brand, as well as its offerings.

Instagram Marketing Tips from GOA-TECH

Everyone enjoys posts on social media, provided that meet certain standards. Every business must invest in the creation of quality outreach content regardless of their chosen social media marketing platform. Instagram is no exception.

By following our Instagram marketing tips, you can begin promoting your brand in a creative fashion on Instagram. Nonetheless, by using a resource like an advertising or marketing firm, you gain an advocate on behalf of your business’ best interests.

Our team at GOA-TECH promotes a diverse range of clients utilizing comprehensive marketing, design, and advertising. With evidence-based research and carefully planned actions, we can help you take your social media marketing to the next level.

For more information on our company or our Instagram marketing tips for the New Year, reach out to GOA-TECH today!

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