How to Optimize Your Mobile Website For Greater Speed Performance (and Why You Should Want To)

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Effective Methods to Speed Up Your Company’s Mobile Website

There was a time when optimal speed for a company’s mobile website was a luxury. In the modern technological age, mobile usage surpasses those browsing the web on their desktop. Instead, many individuals now choose to browse the web on their cellular devices.

When a company offers a clumsy or slow website or app, many smartphone and tablet users will immediately switch to another site or app to satisfy their needs. This is often due to lag in load times, or seemingly exorbitant steps to make a purchase and acquire information. For this reason, your company’s mobile SEO strategies remain crucially important.

Our team at GOA-TECH wants to cover some critical aspects of mobile SEO strategies. By implementing some of these provisions, you can decrease your mobile website’s overall load times. This enables users to access your mobile site faster, hopefully increasing page stay times.

Optimizing overall site performance may additionally decrease any strain on your server. As a result, this can also save you money on your hosting costs as well!

Utilizing Google PageSpeed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is the best method to acquire comprehensive diagnostic information regarding your website’s mobile and desktop performance. It also provides a plethora of information concerning what you may need to fix.

This tool was initially created with developers in mind. However, it remains a free-to-use option. All you need to do is enter your website’s address, and you will receive a report that outlines variables on your site, as well as information on what you should fix immediately, or consider fixing for improved performance.

It is important to remember that this tool does not scan an entire website, only generating a report for the specific address you enter. You will observe your overall score from 1-100, with the higher score an indicator towards full optimization. Nonetheless, you will rarely see a perfect score as even Google can only muster a mobile score of 59.

Providing Content to a Variety of Visitors

A common problem amongst modern mobile sites is providing identical content to mobile and desktop visitors. A gallery of 5MB images serves a Mac or PC user just fine under most circumstances. However, a user logging on with a 3G mobile device will likely need up to 10 minutes to load your page.

Displaying varied content to mobile visitors is a significant step to ensure optimal mobile SEO strategies by improving loading times. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as hiding content within CSS queries for “non-display” or hide visibility. Pages will still load the content in spite of not demonstrating it to the reader.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is Google’s project solution to help mobile users view pages faster. This method involves implementing mobile SEO strategies like stripping down sites and making them more readable.

AMP does require some setup and remains in its early phases. However, the method remains excellent for websites that display a significant amount of content including publishers and bloggers.

Nevertheless, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an excellent open-source option that makes it very easy for most publishers to use mobile SEO strategies to produce mobile-friendly content.

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