How Does Influencer Marketing Hurt Your SEO

Influencer Marketing For Dummies

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Shifty Reasons Influencers can Hurt SEO

Influencer partnership is now more common than ever as more and more brands look to build credibility and reliability among potential consumers. Although influencer marketing represents an excellent way to drive additional views to your brand, Google Indexing may view some influencer marketing attributes and deprioritize your website.

SEO remains a necessary skill for any website wanting a highly-ranked spot on page one of a Google Search. While SEO methods serve as cross-organizational best practices, many companies will bottleneck these provisions into a singular niche function. As a result, certain decisions regarding content like influencer marketing might cause you to rethink your SEO strategy.

GOA-TECH wants to share some information that hopefully helps you out when deciding whether or not to employ influencer marketing strategies for your brand. Can influencer marketing really hurt your SEO? Read more on our influencer marketing for dummies to find out.

Can Influencer Marketing Hurt SEO?

For a long time, Google taxed websites overstuffed with links that they observed as not naturally earned. However, the algorithm no longer penalizes these resources directly, instead simply ignoring the links. This is a bit less severe, but still adversely affects brands that utilize influencers to promote their products or services.

Businesses must understand when to add a nofollow. Google still taxes domains that utilize too many links. In the past, link stuffing was a regular practice. This involved packing a site full of relevant links to make a website appear better. Unfortunately, for these resources, Google Indexing views this as artificially inflating the site’s ability to rank.

By asking your influencers to nofollow their links, this prevents spamming and perceived link stuffing as you utilize these influential brands to advertise your content. Although expanding the audience for your brand, product, or service remains the ultimate goal, links and reviews should act as a secondary tenet to this.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Overcoming Detrimental Influencer Strategies

Fortunately, most influencers will happily comply, educating other influences on the benefits of the nofollow link cue. Nevertheless, what influencers choose to post on their own site and through their own media channels is entirely up to them. If you don’t utilize the right influencer, their links back to your site could negatively impact your site rankings.

Google recommends providing the influencer with a link that already contains the nofollow attribute. This command will automatically inform Google bots to bypass the specific link, therefore avoiding a negative impact regarding SEO.

The links remain entirely functional to everyone that views or clicks on it. The cue remains there entirely to communicate with Google bots on the back end. Keep these influencer marketing for dummies tips in mind as you seek out the best possible influencer to help you market and expand your brand.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies with GOA-TECH

Remedying potential influencer problems comes down to the same thing as most issues in marketing, as well as business: communication. All you can do is ask your influencers to initiate the nofollow cue. You may discover that many influencers insist on employing nofollow anyway. Similarly, some others may need a crash course on influencer marketing for dummies, and don’t know about the nofollow cue at all.

Is your goal is to truly expand your influence and reach as opposed to simply obtaining links? In this scenario, you will likely remain fine. As with all things in search engine optimization, the potential mileage will vary. For more information on how GOA-TECH can help you with influencer marketing for dummies, contact our comprehensive web design, IT, advertising, and digital marketing firm today!

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