Here’s Why Professionals Are Using A/B Testing: You Should Too!

A/B Email Testing

An Introduction to A/B Email Testing!

Anyone can understand that optimal open and click-through rates for email marketing will naturally result in more visitors and (hopefully) sales. This is something that virtually every email marketer wants. However, how can you accomplish this successfully?

An increasingly popular way to measure and implement new email marketing strategies is by utilizing A/B email testing. Our team from GOA-TECH wants to show you how, as well as how this marketing analysis method can help you improve your efforts.

What is A/B Email Testing?

When focusing on your email marketing initiatives, A/B testing is a process involving two different variations of your campaign on two different subsets of subscribers. The ultimate goal behind this analysis is determining which implementations or modifications provide preeminent results over the others. The methods involved in A/B email testing vary in convolution, although the idea remains quite simple. 

An easy way to do this is by dividing up your marketing contact list into different groups. Once you do this, utilize a variety of different subject lines in your emails, one per group. As you analyze your different click-through or open rates, this can help you distinguish which subject lines work the best for particular groups.

Nonetheless, if you want to try something more advanced, you can still test entirely different email templates against one another as well. However, this will clearly involve substantially more work.

What Can You Test with A/B Email Testing?

With modern marketing tools, we can test essentially every aspect of an email marketing campaign. Starting with the subject lines for your emails that we touched on earlier, GOA-TECH recommends moving on to email length.

The length of email marketing advertisements remains a hotly debated subject amongst marketers. Nonetheless, a tried and true length is approximately 60 to 70 characters. Nevertheless, subscribers remain entirely unique individuals and may respond differently depending on your unique initiatives.

Many modern viewers will read your emails on a mobile device. Some may even utilize older format email clients. Unfortunately, this also means that their viewing options will additionally display fewer characters in the subject, and the body text.

You can also rely on A/B email testing to optimize content and personalization as well. Your advertising may contain multiple different pieces of content. For this reason, testing the results of these varied provisions remains crucial for success.

In some situations, you may even discover that the single most powerful line you can implement into a marketing effort is your subscriber’s name. When you incorporate personalization into your marketing efforts, this could help your campaign stand out amongst the plethora of other emails in client inboxes.

To find out if these strategies work for you, you can implement A/B email testing and see what works best for your business, and your clients. With any luck, you can begin to rely on this information to drive increased opens and click-throughs to the benefit of your business.

A/B Email Testing and Other Strategies from the Experts at GOA-TECH

A/B Email TestingYou can get started with A/B email testing and a solid foundation for a marketing campaign today. Although you may not immediately see increases in your opens and click-throughs initially in spite of your efforts, this procedure will still reveal information about your audience that you can use for better campaigns as time goes on.

For more information A/B email testing and email marketing as a whole, contact the dedicated and professional experts from the GOA-TECH team today!

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