Here’s How to TRIPLE Your Email Open Rate in 7 Days

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Take a Scientific Approach to Email Marketing Tips

How does your company measure success concerning their email campaigns? Most will view success by the number of people who open their emails, as well as the amount that click on the links contained within.

Although there is nothing wrong with this, many marketers will overlook that click-through rates directly depend on the open rate. It is crucial to remember that readers can only click through by opening your emails!

The question remains, however, how can you get more potential viewers to open your emails? GOA-TECH wants to help you get more people to read your email marketing campaigns. As a result, these email marketing tips can help you increase your opening rate, and therefore, your overall strategy performance.

Keep Your Marketing Out of the Spam Folder

Successful email marketing tips and a successful email marketing campaign remain about one singular thing: engagement. Popular email providers, think the big boys like Google, Yahoo!, etc. take a look at something called Engagement Score. This determines whether or not an email goes to the inbox or the spam folder.

These providers will measure engagement by utilizing four primary metrics. These include:

  • Email Open Rate
  • Lateral Scroll Rate
  • Unsubscribe or Complaint Rate
  • Hard and Soft Bounce Rates

You may have noticed that click-through rate numbers don’t factor into the overall Engagement Score. Nevertheless, from a marketing standpoint, understanding how Engagement Score and click-through rate relate to one another remains very important.Mi

Peak Curiosity and Maintain Engagement with Short, Curious Subject Lines

Your subject line should tease the reader with some curiosity. For example, Less is MORE, Improve Your Marketing Strategy Using _______ Today!

Additionally, if you don’t optimize your emails with mobile users in mind, this could represent a grave error in your email marketing strategy. We live life on the go today, and over half of the population opening, reading, and utilizing email services as a communication platform do so on a mobile device.

Between smartphones, social media, and our instant-gratification culture, mobile remains the best way to reach people. Keep in mind that mobile devices trim down your subject lines. Although our aforementioned example is probably a bit long, you can still pique a potential reader’s curiosity while keeping things short and to the point.

Optimize the “Second Subject Line”

Readers will typically observe three primary things when they see a new email enter their inbox: who sent the email, the subject line, and then the “second subject line” or “preview text.” Although the subject line remains preeminently important, the preview text may significantly influence who chooses to open the email.

This area represents the first few words of copy in your email blast. If you choose to utilize this area to write something compelling, your readers will likely respond in tune with excitement about what your company is offering. This second entry on our email marketing tips can swing open rates, in addition to click-through rates in your favor. Don’t leave this opportunity up to mere chance.

After all, an email whose preview text says “If you can’t read this, click here to view it in your browser” provides absolutely nothing to stimulate interest. We don’t want to even open this email, and your readers probably won’t either.

Email Marketing Tips from GOA-TECH

The great thing about modern marketing and advertising in the digital age is that it affords numerous different tools that enable you to track the way your targeted demographics view and analyze your strategic actions.

Nevertheless, your success often depends on how you utilize this data to cultivate, implement, and modify actionable decisions concerning social media, search engines, and email marketing. The best option might not even represent any of the above options. However, you can start with these simple email marketing tips to guide your advertising and marketing strategies.

Our company can help you far beyond offering basic email marketing tips. As a full-service, comprehensive solution in the fields of advertising, marketing, IT, as well as web design, we want to help you take your company to the next level. For more information on how we can help you, contact GOA-TECH today!


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