#GOAsk: Step Your Video Production Game Up With These Vital Tips

Video Production Tips in Your Content Marketing Campaign

Many media personalities and pundits alike make much ado about the rise of social media, as well as how much has changed with the intervention of modern business marketing. However, we can say something similar about how social media marketing itself has transformed even within the last few years. A facet that is becoming hugely popular in 2019 is video.

Video marketing simply isn’t going anywhere. Many businesses will utilize video to promote another content portion of their business. Nevertheless, video represents an ideal method to advertise products and services themselves on social media, in addition to other media outlets like emails, and even the business website itself.

Our team from GOA-TECH wants to share some of our video production tips to help your business get started. You may find that the process is a bit difficult at first, but with some time, video marketing can represent a boon to your offerings.

video production tipsLocation, Location, Location

When it comes to filming video content for your business, knowing where you’re going to place a video, as well as your set or on-site location is crucial for success. This can help you compose the shot better.

The first of our video production tips remains the most important because it affects almost everything in the video production process. Deciding on precisely how and where you want to film will help you outline your script, video length, and even cut time in editing.

You could choose to film on location somewhere in your business’ local area form a sense of community or targeted marketing or produce video content on-site at the business location itself.

When it comes to sets, it is quite easy these days to cultivate a quality set. Purchase an affordable backdrop, or simply find a space to use as your set. If you want to create an information series, just ensure that you utilize the same backdrop for each video to create some cohesion.

Lighting is also important. This can make a massive difference in the look and feel of the video. Nonetheless, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on these video production tips. Utilize natural lighting for outdoor shoots. For indoor production, ensure you cast your subject in the right light, and as a result, put your business in the right light with viewers as well.

video production tipsScripting and Editing

If your content subject or narrator doesn’t feel comfortable on camera, you may discover that the process is much easier with a well-written and planned script. You don’t need to write this out word for word, but at least jot down a few notes that outline some key points.

Once the camera starts rolling, it’s effortless to forget what you want to say. With a script or notecard in hand, the film subject may feel more comfortable. As a result, your video content will feel more natural and organic.

When you get everything down on tape (just kidding, everything is digital now), you must edit the content for a finalized product. The good news is that with modern technology, this is easier than ever.

Apple computers come with editing software pre-installed, and you can also download many editing apps on your PC or smartphone.

As you work through the editing process, always keep in mind your aspect ratios, as well as the length of the video. This will help you ensure that the video looks good and isn’t too long. Most of the best video content is short but sweet, getting the point across without droning on for too long.Video Production Tips

Video Production Tips from GOA-TECH

Our team from GOA-TECH is a comprehensive digital marketing, advertising, IT, and web design firm. Through content marketing, we impart many video production tips to our clients that help them ensure that their videos fit the platform correctly.

To learn more about our video production tips and content marketing services, contact our dedicated staff today!

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