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Email Marketing: Overlooked and Still Effective

Email marketing is an affordable way to engage in recruitment marketing. However, this comes with a major caveat, you’ve got to do it correctly. Your company must build email lists with permission, calls-to-action, and opt-ins. Purchasing existing email lists with promises of success just doesn’t work. 

You can build permissions through other channels that drive traffic to your website. The content that you display on the site will build trust and prove valuable. Your company can then take the final step in the marketing funnel process with people opting to hear from you and completing a purchase for goods or services.

Advertising and email marketing companies; for that matter, don’t exist in a vacuum. These services represent delivery mechanisms for the content, as well as information that your company provides. 

The most crucial components of any digital marketing company are the following:

When formulating your digital marketing strategies, you can build on short-term strategies and tactics that fit within a larger plan. Content marketing, design, and email all serve as part of this strategy, working together cohesively, with email representing the optimal entry point.

Your Company Should Keep Sending Emails

Email usage may be declining, but marketing initiatives that depend on email still exhibit the greatest potential reach. A study by McKinsey & Co. outlines that email marketing remains at least 40 times more effective in helping companies reach their target audiences over social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Above Twitter followers and Facebook friends, beyond the coveted likes and followers on social media, the most valuable tool present in any marketer’s mailbox is permission-based email address lists. Here’s why:

  • Rumors of Email’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Over 3.8 billion individuals still utilize email today. Although social media platforms remain celebrated for expanding their user bases in the last ten years, email marketing services still serve as a better option to help your business.

Algorithms serve as the rule of law on social media, deciding what users see. The chances are better that your email platform will reach users over social media efforts with email boxes absolved from the rule of algorithm law.

  • Customizable, Adaptable, Email

Utilizing email marketing as a sales tool is a great way to grow your business. Customer relationship management and email marketing platforms, like Constant Contact, allow you to manage your customer database and create customized campaigns. 

For instance, Constant Contact helps you decide who you want to target, such as existing clients or potential customers. As part of your email marketing strategy, you can personalize your email message to convert your potential target audience into new clients and sales, or build your relationship with existing customers.

Constant Contact’s automation function allows you to determine and schedule your emails at the ideal time based on analytics.

  • Permission-Based Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram provide some permission-based opportunities (or blockades depending on your POV). 

Nevertheless, these systems rely on users to follow or like your brand. Unfortunately, this is less of a commitment to your company than a user offering you access to their email inbox.

Understanding precisely how your company should instead of could attract visitors is a crucial distinction to cultivate real opportunities for lead conversion. 

When a user provides you with a sign-up or directly gives you their email address, they’re asking you to offer them valuable content and messaging tailored to their needs.

This level of permission and access indicates a higher-quality relationship between customers and your email marketing services and your company as a whole. It’s easy to understand how this demonstrates a better relationship than someone simply following your brand on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Email Offers Measurability

Social analytics have come a long way, but with email serving as a communication and advertising platform for longer than social media, the tools reflect this advancement as well. Virtually every email marketing tool enables you to tell who opens your emails. Additionally, you can determine what they do with this information as well.

Email analytics will show you who clicks on your call-to-action links in emails, and what they do when they reach your website or landing page. Similarly, you can test out different campaign messages with A/B testing and measure the response in real-time.

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No matter what anyone says about email these days, the reality is that a user’s inbox remains the best place to communicate with them. Skipping over Facebook posts and Twitter feeds is easy. Alternatively, Americans check their emails up to 80 times per day.

Email marketing is the best way to get a message to potential clients. It doesn’t need to be complicated or scary. With effective email marketing services like Constant Contact, you can develop and implement an email marketing campaign easier than ever.

Our full-service email marketing company from GOA-TECH relies on these tools and our experience to help clients achieve success in their branding and advertising initiatives. To learn more about our email marketing solutions, marketing funnels, landing pages, and everything else our digital marketing firm has to offer, call us at (786) 462-8324 today!


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