Everything You Need to Know About IG TV

IG TV Tips

Social Media Video is a Content Goldmine

Instagram has quickly evolved into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. However, in a modern digital marketplace, it comes as no surprise that they want in on the video marketing landscape.

From Instagram Stories to Instagram Live, the platform offers a variety of ways to stream video content to followers and your company’s targeted audience. With the arrival of IG TV, you can now utilize long-form videos inside of your already established Instagram profile.

IG TV offers users access to video content for up to an hour in duration. This is an ideal method to help expand your brand and reach out to those that prefer YouTube’s long-form video content.

Your friends from GOA-TECH want to share some of our IG TV Tips along with some information that outlines everything you need to know about this new social media phenomenon.

What Exactly is Instagram TV?

The IG TV format is extremely similar to YouTube. You can upload long-form content up to an hour. You can access IG TV through the standard Instagram platform, or through the separate IG TV app. This appears as a TV icon on the top right on Instagram and will highlight if new content is available. Regardless of how you log into the medium, it will start playing video based on what the IG algorithm understands about you and your browsing preferences. IG TV videos work best when shot vertically, but can be uploaded in any format.

How You Can Utilize IG TV

If you want your brand to connect with a billion visually-driven users, then you must understand some basic IG TV tips.

As you get started posting videos, the first step is clicking on the “+” in the right corner and select a video out of your camera roll. Remember to add in some hashtags before you finalize your published content, linking your video to external resources like your company’s website, or other social channels. Simply hit post, and your video will remain available for viewing.

IG TV can connect your brand with an entirely new audience. Long-form video enables your company to tape into the value of video by showing off exclusive content or sharing the latest news.

Instagram users seek out the latest and greatest and your company will want to give them a reason to keep coming back. Leveraging IG TV tips enables your business to get ahead of the curve and get the latest updates to your Instagram viewership.

Your brand could also employ the platform to offer a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes. The medium offers you the ability to show them as much or as little as you like! Be raw, be genuine and earn the respect of your followers.

Combining these IG TV tips in conjunction with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy can offer you more opportunities to earn your audience’s attention. Nevertheless, make sure you create content that captures their attention immediately.


As video continues to dominate the social media content market, IG TV tips provide a unique way to engage with your customers. If you want to optimize your branch outreach and make the most out of your Instagram plan, IG TV represents the next evolutionary stage in your marketing strategy.

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