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Data Backup Services

Data Backup Services

So often we take the time and attention to backup your computer’s hard drive but don’t even think about backing up your websites. The point that your website is out there on the World Wide Web gives you a false sense of security that since it’s out there it can never have an issue. It’s time to start thinking about things in a different way when it comes to website back-ups.

Here are some of the things that can happen if you don’t seek data backup services:

Data Backup System
  • You’ve upgraded software or scripts and it is not working so you need to get your site back to the way it was last night before the changes.
  • You or your webmaster forgets to save your blog’s data source when saving the files and now you can’t have accessibility to your old site.
  • The company you are hosting decides to close up shop or sell to an organization you’ve had past issues with.
  • Your web host decides to upgrade and for a few hours (or even a day) later their system is down.
  • You work with several individuals live on a website. They unintentionally overwrite your work and you did not save a duplicate of the page.
  • Your web host keeps your site or domain captive. Pending your dispute, you need to set up your site all over again even in another place and domain.
  • By accident, you have deleted or pruned the wrong part of your message forum.
  • Your web host reviewed your site and decides you have breached their terms of services and shuts down your account in short notice.
  • You uploaded the wrong site or folder and overwrote the previous one. When using FTP this is easy enough to do if you have a large list of sites to publish to and you’re doing the updating when you’re just a bit too exhausted.
  • A hacker placed malicious code on all your site pages and you need to roll back to the previous good edition.
  • While moving web hosts, due to a misconception, the old account was deleted and canceled too early.
  • You had custom programming done to your scripts. Your new webmaster improved the script and can’t remember where or what all the modifications are. Most frustrating, he/she does not know how to re-program those personalized remaking.
  • You or someone reinstalled FrontPage extensions and now your redirects, error pages; fashionable URL’s and what don’t work anymore. You see, when you reinstall FrontPage extensions, it re-creates all your htaccess files which indicate, any customizations you had will also be lost.

Data Backup Services are available to notify you when your website goes down. You can receive a notification via cell phone, email, or text. The service sends off the alarm, but what happens afterward? The best scenario is to have a backup plan already. As you receive a website downtime notification, it is already far too late to think of building up a plan. You need to have one set up.

Below is great advice on how to obtain this:

Servers inevitably go down

Any web hosting server goes down at some point. The concern is reducing the amount of time for which your website stays on to be not available to the public. Back-up hosting is the ideal solution in such a scenario. This indicates that you will host a duplicate of your site on a different server or with another hosting company. When your main account is down, you will be redirected to your secondary host. Thus, when your website monitoring service sends you a notification, your site stays down until it is redirected. Then you will not be forced to wait until the main host lastly gets the server running again.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery | GOA-TECH

It does not matter how well you know your web host or how great your relationship is, it is up to you to keep back-ups and ensure they are up to date. This is no one’s liability but you. Have everything backed up to a scenario where you, as the website owner, can have access to them. Don’t wait on doing any of this. Complete your company data and website backups before you need to handle a devastating issue.

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