Customers Won’t Find Your Website By Accident. Use These SEO Tips.

SEO marketing tips

SEO Isn’t Complicated. Use Our SEO Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.

Although many people possess an understanding of the term “Search Engine Optimization,”  few truly know what it takes to ensure their website reaches their audience.

Our team from GOA-TECH makes helping businesses both small and large with their SEO strategies. After all, it is in our company name. We can help your company succeed by educating and implementing our SEO marketing tips. This will expand your brand and help demonstrate to your audience what truly makes your company great!

Social Media Doesn’t Replace Advertising, Merely Enhances It.

Modern companies possess no choice concerning if they engage on a social media platform. However, the question remains how well companies utilize social media platforms to benefit their business.

The key to SEO-friendly social media is optimizing descriptive information while remaining honest, and translucent. Filling out your company’s ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections on social media platforms will help your business come up in potential viewer searches.

For location-targeted demographics, ensure you outline an accurate address, city, state, and zip code. Always include links from social media platforms back to your business website and vice versa.

Optimize your social content to include relevant search keywords/phrases that you can strategize for your business actions. Include these in your updates on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It is vital to regularly share content from your website or blog for an SEO boost as well! New material is a great way to help Google index it faster, linking social posts containing SEO-optimized posts to your business!

Content is the Reason a Search Begins in the First Place

We may have gotten ahead of ourselves with our first SEO marketing tips topic. BEFORE you begin publishing and sharing your content, you must establish your brand with authority, relevancy, and trust. In the modern, digital marketing age, publishing quality, well-thought content is more important than ever.

Yes, you should research your keywords to develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize engagement with your business content. However, optimizing intelligently with well written and on-topic copy will ensure you grab every possible chance for Google to rank your content.

This includes utilizing target keywords in your page H1 and H2 tags, as well as in the Meta description. You should also stick to a consistent publishing schedule while you publish relevant, high-value, comprehensive copy.

Time Isn’t a Primary Thing, It Is the Only Thing

No one likes a slow web page. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that your page load speed will DIRECTLY affect your engagement and sales.

Consumers typically expect a page to load within two to three seconds no matter if this is on their computer at home or on-the-go with their mobile device. Page load speed (including mobile-optimized web content speed) is a crucial component of SEO.

As a vital facet of our SEO marketing tips, every page visitor counts in SEO. Web design optimizing speed is significant for a wide variety of viewers that could browse across your business. This needs to be clear across the board for netbooks, personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

SEO Marketing Tips from GOA-TECH

It is important to consider our SEO marketing tips as more than simply content and keywords. GOA-TECH approaches any SEO marketing strategy beginning with the research before implementation. Effective digital marketing, advertising, and design focus on understanding and expertise in your industry, as well as your audience.

For more information on how GOA-TECH can help you maximize your SEO marketing campaign with tips, tricks, and smart content strategizing, contact our dedicated team today!

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